Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Careful Consideration

After careful consideration, I deleted one of my former posts today. It was titled Dr. Bernstein and was originally posted 11/27/07. It was one of my most commented on posts. There were 14 approved comments on that post when I checked today.
I had mentioned a few weeks ago, that I was dealing with a lot of spam comments on my blog lately. It had gotten to the point that it was literally driving me up the wall. I started to keep track of which posts the spam comments were going to and I discovered that a vast majority of them were on the Dr. Bernstein post. Because of this, I decided to delete the post.
I think it's sad that I should have to delete one of my most popular (controversial, but popular) posts just to try to ward off the spammers.
However, I'm hoping that by removing the most spammed post, I'll cut down on the comments. Let's all cross our fingers and hope I'm right, okay? :)
I'll be posting later on this week. And, if it goes according to plan, it will be another theatre post.
Hope you all have a fantastic week!


Allison said...

I don't know if Blogger has this feature but on Wordpress you can disable comments on a certain post after a certain amount of time. Might be worth switching over to Wordpress to avoid that problem in the future.

Chris Stocker said...

Have you looked into using a spam filter or blocker on your blog. There has to be one out there for Blogger, I use Wordpress, so I'm not too familiar with Bloggr.

k2 said...

I'm sorry you had to delete a post - It sounded like a good one and I would have loved to read it!
I'd look into using a spam filter/blocker- Blogger MUST have one!