Saturday, October 27, 2012

No Fun, No Fair

As most of you probably know, I'm a huge fan of live theatre. It's so wonderful to get to see a show, especially if it's one you've been wanting to see for a while. Today I went with a couple of friends of mine to see a show in Nashville. Nashville is about 2 1/2 hours from me, so it was basically an all day trip.

This morning I got up and it was full diabetes change time. Basically, new pump site and new CGMS sensor at the same time. This happens occasionally, and MOST of the time, nothing bad happens. I changed my site, changed my sensor, grabbed a granola bar and headed out. My blood sugar was around 126, so I wasn't worried about driving or about anything else d related.

I noticed about 2 hours into my trip that I wasn't feeling that great. I suspected my blood sugar was high. When I stopped to test, it was. Over 350. I kind of flipped out at this. I bolused a LOT. It gave the insulin and I continued the rest of my drive into Nashville, as we were supposed to be meeting another friend for lunch before our show.

When I got to the restaurant, I tested again and was over 400. At this point, I feel like crap AND I'm sure that it's my pump site. But HOW??? If I have a kink, I get a "no delivery" alarm. I hadn't gotten one!

I grabbed my spare infusion site and headed to the restroom to change it. When I pulled it out, it was MAJORLY bent. Like, almost all the way over. This SHOULD have given me a "no delivery" alarm. But it didn't. At this point, other than being sick, and annoyed, there isn't a whole lot I can do. I wasn't going to miss my show. I gave an injection, put in the new site and went out to wait on my friends.

My stomach was bothering me and I knew I wasn't going to be eating anything at all for lunch, but I was drinking a ton of water and one of my friends got the bread, while we waited on the other friend. It was a garlic cheese bread, which I normally love, but my stomach was such a mess it made me feel even sicker. My other friend showed up right about the time I realized I needed to RUN (read: sprint like a crazy person) to the bathroom when I proceeded to throw up. And up. And up.

It kind of freaked me out. I haven't EVER thrown up from a high blood sugar that I can remember. My mom says I got sick once as a kid, but I don't remember it (thankfully). I had a couple of choices. I could go home (which meant I was not only wasting a ticket to a show, but ruining it for my friend who road down with me). I could go to the hospital (but what are they going to do, really??). Or I could tough it out. Take some more insulin. Drink some more (a LOT more) water. And go see my show.

I will admit, I felt better after my trip to the bathroom. I drank water the entire time we were at the restaurant. I had a head ache, but it wasn't anything I couldn't deal with.

I am glad I chose to tough it out. I wasn't at 100% at all today, but I managed to do okay.

After my long drive home, I'm sitting here being thankful that it wasn't worse. Wondering why my "no delivery" alarm didn't go off. And wondering what to do about the ketones still floating around in my body (I checked them when I got home. They were between small & moderate) when my blood sugar is basically back in range.

I still have a headache. My throat hurts from throwing up. And I think diabetes is a pain in the rear. I HATE that diabetes almost ruined my day. I hate that I had to feel like crap all day. I hope a good night's sleep will solve all my problems. 

Also, I hope I NEVER have to throw up from a high blood sugar again. It is NOT fun. Throwing up in general isn't fun, but knowing it was the cause of diabetes made it that much worse.


Colleen said...

I'm sorry it was such a rough day. And you're right, it's not fair.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man, what a miserable experience. I'm sorry. No fair at all.