Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is going to be a short post. Short and sweet (pun intended). Am I a horrible person for refusing to eat items that are "sugar-free"? The only thing I consume on a regular basis, that is classified as "sugar-free" is my diet drinks.
Even as a child, I never enjoyed "diabetic foods". I thought they tasted funny. As I grew up, I continued to get lots of "sugar-free" this and that. It wasn't until I learned about carb counting that I realized "sugar-free" doesn't mean I can have it and not worry.

In many ways this was liberating for me. To me, it was a chance to no longer feel guilty when eating "real" sugar foods. And to not feel bad when saying, "I'd rather not eat 'diabetic' foods." I loved that. I still do.
I also wonder why they bother selling "sugar-free" foods at all. The only reason I can figure out is the fact that it sells! For so long the world was taught that diabetics were not to have any processed sugars. And it took hold. Now comes the complex task of un-doing this mindset.

Am I a "bad" diabetic for this? Should I mindlessly eat the "sugar-free" products that taste awful and cause horrible digestive issues? What is your opinion on "sugar-free"?
The inspiration for this post: the many childhood Easter baskets I received packed full of "sugar-free" candy.

(Apparently the make "sugar-free" peeps. I can't stand regular peeps. They make me nauseous. I wonder, though, what the "sugar-free" peeps taste like...)

I hope you have all had a wonderful, blessed Easter. Rejoice! He is Risen!


Minnesota Nice said...

Happy Easter.
The sugar-free baskets of days gone by were the best efforts of the people who cared for us. And, mercy, they were gross.
I think it's still a marketing technique to appeal to consumers as being healthy and lower in calories (which, of course, may not be true).
The way I look at it, if I enjoy the taste of something and it's kinder to my bg beause it's sugar-free, then I'll have it.
But most of the time smaller aounts of the real thing get my vote.

Donna said...

Cara - My only sugar-free thing is Diet Coke. I hate all that other stuff & it hates me. But there are so many people out there - including many in my husband's family that insist on getting/making this stuff for me. Ick! I know they mean well & I've tried to explain it to them. But to no avail. Oh well...

I am so glad you included a note to remind us that Easter isn't all about the Easter Bunny & candy. Yes, yes - Rejoice - He is risen! I love it!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Oh, the memories...of all the fresh strawberries ruined by my grandmother sprinkling cyanide (oops, Sweet 'n Low) on them for me instead of sugar...the rock-hard sugar-free nausea-inducing chocolate she would get for me in the highly-priced "special foods" section of the grocery store. I would eat it all in a heartbeat just to have her sweet caring self back, but man that stuff was nasty.

On another note, you've been tagged! ( Have fun crafting your reply!

k2 said...

Cara -

Sugar free anything SUCKS and causes major gas. Your not a bad diabetic, just one who does not like the taste of chemicals!
A little chocolate goes a long way in this world, so enjoy some!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Word up. That stuff TEARS MY INSIDES UP!!!!

I avoid it like, well, the shits.


Vivian said...

Cara, I hope you had a great Easter. I tagged you on my blog before I realized you had already been gotten. =) I hope you play.


k2 said...

Cara -
just checking in - how goes things in your country girl world, bad diabetic, peep filled world?

Naomi said...

Sugar free peeps have almost as many carbs as sugary peeps. It's stupid.

Daniel drinks the sugar free sodas & teas & crystal light, but most everything else is normal. Just using smaller amounts of sugar works better!

jnb73 said...

Diet coke is my only sugar-free indulgence as well. I remember working for Russell Stover Candies people would come from all around and request our sugar-free candies. It was a hit! Then people started realizing that after a pretty good helping of it they would have diarrhea and call to ask why. So we would have to explain and recommend only eating about three pieces at a time.

Anonymous said...

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