Thursday, September 4, 2008

A New Friend

I was pretty much the only diabetic I knew growing up. There was one person who was an adult and her daughter, who was much younger than me who I knew that were Type 1. I, essentially, was on my own. Until I discovered the Diabetes OC, I knew very few Type 1's. We are a minority in a minority.

I had some friends when I was in high school who were siblings. They didn't go to high school with me, but we all attended church together. I haven't kept in touch with them as well as I wish I had done in the past, but I still see them from time to time and I see their mother more often, since I live in the same town as her.

But, ah, the wonders of My Space. :) I have found all three siblings again, online, and keep in touch with them some that way. The youngest of the siblings is in the Air Force. He married a girl who is a Type 1. I found out about her and her diabetes from their mother. I never contacted her on My Space (she also has a page) because I thought it might be weird to be all, "Hey! I was friends with your husband in high school and I'm a diabetic too!"

But, she contacted me one day. They were coming stateside (they are in Germany now) for a visit and she wanted me to make a cake for a party they were having. During the course of our correspondence, I brought up the diabetes. And like I have found many times before, there was an instant bond.

We chatted over the weeks in between her first contacting me and them finally coming to Tennessee.

When we met, it was like I'd always known her. They have a beautiful baby girl and another boy that is due in a few months. I admire her. Plus, I can ask her all kinds of questions in case I ever decide to have a baby. :)

We shared stories and ideas and things that only another diabetic can understand. We found things in common, like we both want peanut butter when we are low. And our lips go numb when we are low.

Flat out, she's just cool. And she's someone who can understand and know exactly what I am living through, just like the rest of you on the OC. And I got to meet her face-to-face.

I look forward to meeting other people with diabetes. I like being able to be "just like everyone else".

So thanks, Angel! You were so much fun to meet. And meeting you makes me feel less alone in this puzzle of life we call diabetes.


Karen said...

That is SO GREAT!! Diabetes is such a strong bond, isn't it? It must have been wonderful to spend time with such a great new friend, knowing she really GETS IT. I grew up feeling isolated in my diabetes too, and the Diabetes OC has been wonderful. (Like you, and your reassuring comment about the bleeder in my eye. Thank you!)

Naomi said...

I feel the same way when I meet another mom or dad of a diabetic kid. I look into their eyes and see into their hearts. I know what they are going through.

Donna said...

That is so great! Hey, my lips go numb when I'm really low, too! Weird, isn't it?

k2 said...

Diabetes really does bond us!
We not only speak the same language, but we literally go through the same things on a daily basis!
I'm so happy for you both!
OBTW - My lips go numb when I go low too! And as far as peanut Butter is concerned, low or not - I WANT IT!