Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I’ve noticed that other people asked you for a cure for diabetes this year for Christmas. As much as I would like a cure for diabetes (this year or next), I’ll leave the curing up to God. Instead, I’m asking you for next year’s Christmas present right now.

It’s kind of technical and doesn’t really exist yet, so I figured I’d better give you and your elves plenty of time to get it together and perfected (and approved by the FDA, of course).

Santa, I’d like the perfect insulin pump/CGMS system. Yup, perfect. At least perfect for me. I have a great system, but there are other systems that have things that I like. So instead of switching systems, I just want you to invent your own.

Here are some of the things that I’d like the new pump/CGMS to include:

1.) Interchangeable CGMS. Santa, I’d like to have the option of which CGMS to use. I know that some CGMS works better for different people. So, I’d like the option to try them all and chose what was best for me…without having to change my pump

2.) I’d like the CGMS to read to my pump (like my current MiniMed system) complete with

alarms and warnings, but I’d also like it to read to a second PDM that is also my blood sugar meter. (kind of a mix between the Animas Ping and the PDM for the OmniPod).

3.) I’d like to be able to operate my insulin pump from the aforementioned PDM/meter in the even that I want to wear a dress and don’t have easy access to my insulin pump screen and buttons.

4.) I’d also like the sensor for the CGMS to be FDA approved for 7 days, instead of my current 3 day approval for MiniMed’s CGMS.

5.) I’d like the CGMS to be accurate more often than it is. Instead of a 70% – 75% accuracy, I’d like to see it up around 90%.

6.) I’d like the meter to be as accurate as blood testing in a lab. The “small” differences in readings can mean a big deal in accurate treatment of a low or a high. It would help to have more accurate readings so that my care could be better.

7.) I’d like the alarms on the pump and the PDM/meter to have adjustable volume levels. Sometimes my current system just isn’t loud enough when it’s under 3 blankets and I’m asleep. Having a separate PDM on the night stand might help, but also, having louder alarms would be great because it would wake me up much easier than my currently alarms on my CGMS/pump.

And Santa, I’m going to leave my comment section open so that my other friends in the D-OC can add in their own updates to make the perfect pump/CGMS system. We deserve perfect if for no other reason than we have to work so hard because our bodies aren’t perfect.

Thanks Santa!

Cara and the rest of the D-OC


Lee Ann Thill said...

One of the reasons I've been a loyal Animas user is because I like that it's waterproof (as long as there aren't any cracks in the case and the battery cap in on correctly), and I love that they have a free vacation loaner pump. I actually don't use that now because I'm on my second pump, so my first pump is my back-up, but it's a great service.

I use the MM CGM, and I'm about done with it. This year, I hope to get myself a Dex. However, I'll second your complaint that I can't hear it at night. Adjustable volume or a remote unit on the nightstand would be really helpful.

Oh, and an absolute minimal amount of metal so it can go through the airport metal detector without setting off alarms. I know the scanners are being phased in, and none of our cyborg parts are supposed to go through those x-rays (at least that's my understanding), so maybe being metal detector proof will be irrelevant soon enough, but I just want to get through security without being hassled or subjected to the enhanced pat down.

Unknown said...

FWIW, I can't hear my daughter's Dex at night either :(

Santa, I'd like to see that Dex Gen4 sensor get out of the FDA approval process so we can get on with the Animas combo deal.

And, btw, I've heard a nasty rumor that we'll have to choose between a CGM and the remote when Animas does combine...listen up....I don't like that. Not one make sure those rich execs at Animas know that the peanut gallery has spoken!

And, Santa, one more thing...

All those T1's living in developing countries who can't access the insulin they need to survive? Can you do something about that? I'd forgo everything above and stick with what I have if it means helping them.

But both would be a real bonus.


Karen said...

Yes, Santa, yes!!! What Car, Lee Ann and Wendy said. And may I please have one too!!