Monday, November 7, 2011

Diabetes Awareness through Performing Arts

Earlier this year I was blessed to see a wonderful musical that helps educate about diabetes. This musical, called Andy & the Beats, was written, directed, and starred a man living with Type 1 diabetes as part of his senior thesis/project for college. It was my luck that said college is only a couple of hours from me, so I made the trip and was very glad that I got to be a part of that.
I wrote about seeing the show and even at the time I saw it I thought, "someone needs to do something with this musical." It could be such an educational tool and has so many things about it that would be great, especially for families with children who have been recently diagnosed with diabetes.

After the short run, I hoped that there might be some more attention brought to the show....
Now that's happened. Andy & the Beats is in contention for the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant program. They are trying to get a $10,000 grant to help do another staging of this show. And with each staging and chance for this show to be performed, more and more people will be educated about diabetes.

You can help Andy & the Beats get this grant by voting HERE. You can vote once per day. They are, at the time I am writing this, in 48th place. They need to be in the top 15 in order to receive funding. You can either vote by using your facebook account, or you can create a free Pepsi account and vote that way. All the information is on the page for Pepsi Refresh Grant. Each person gets 5 votes per day, but only 1 can be counted per entry, so go in every day and vote for Andy & the Beats.

We are a very large and very strong community of people living with diabetes online. I KNOW if we can get Disney to pull a certain episode of a television show, we can help Andy win this grant.
Please pass this information along and follow Andy & the Beats on facebook.

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