Thursday, September 20, 2012

The "New" Steel Magnolias Movie

I know information about the new version of Steel Magnolias has been floating around on the 'net for more than a while now. I've had mixed feelings about the movie, but I'm pretty sure they aren't for the same reasons that most of the D-OC has. I've been a fan of the movie for years. My mother doesn't care for it, but I can't remember a time when I didn't love it.

Even as a child, I remember having a sense of understanding that Shelby had many problems going on that weren't just related to diabetes. And I've always been aware that having a child would be difficult for me, though not impossible.

As I grew, I became more aware of the fact that diabetes wasn't as cut and dry as the movie made it. I understood that having diabetes wasn't a death sentence, and it wasn't a death sentence to have a child while having diabetes. But I also understood that the movie didn't exactly give a true look at life with diabetes.

It was strange for me. Shelby was the only person I'd seen on TV or in a movie that had diabetes. I felt a connection to her AND the movie because of this. Much like I felt a connection to the character Stacey in The Baby-Sitter's Club books.

When the news about the new, all African-American cast version of Steel Magnolias was coming out, I couldn't help but think it would be messed up. Partly because I really dislike remakes of movies. Like really, really, really don't like them.

But...I can't help but be curious. I'm a die-hard Queen Latifah fan, so that's almost enought to make me watch it by itself. But I'm curious, like many of us, as to how they will represent diabetes in this movie.

They've recently released a trailer for the movie, as well as a scene from the movie on youtube. I plan on watching it at some point (I don't get Lifetime, so I'm going to have a friend record it for me) and I'll probably blog about what I think. Until then, I leave you with the youtube clips...


Sara said...

You know I love that movie.

I think we might be the same person. I didn't realize we shared a love of Queen Latifah too. :)

I'll be watching the remake to see if they changed anything and to make sure they didn't butcher the original.

Do you know if they are keeping it in the same time period?

Cara said...

It appears to be current day...which I don't really like. :) And after us quoting lines from the movie in Indy, I totally know you love it too. :) We are the loners. We should have a viewing part complete with popcorn and southern accents. :D

Mike Hoskins said...

I liked the original movie itself. Nothing is wrong with it technically, and I also feel a connection to Shelby. But it's the cultural influence I have an issue with, and how many saw that movie's portrayal of D the way it was. I'm also not a fan of remakes, but with this one am very curious how they will update the D aspect for modern times. We'll see.

Mara said...

I also love that movie (but I also knew Stacey from BSB before I knew that movie!), but it always amazed me that she recovered so quickly from a low that bad with one glass of juice!That would never happen to me! lol.

At any rate, I agree with everyone - I'm curious to see how D is represented in this verision...

Wendy said...

I still love the movie, just not the portrayal of D in it. I was too old for the Babysitter's Club books. My first memory of D in pop culture was one of the last Happy Days episodes. Chachi had developed diabetes, and the Fonz gave him a watch with an alarm to remember to take his shots.