Thursday, July 5, 2007

It happens to everyone...

I hope all have had a good Fourth of July. One filled with lots of friends and family, food, fireworks, & fun.
I spent the holiday at a friends house with her family. Although we didn't set off fireworks, we had fun and cooked out.

I took today off work so it would feel a little bit more like a holiday, instead of just a random day off during the week. But, alas, I must go back to work tomorrow morning. (Sigh...)

Today, however, was a first for me. I've seen it discussed on message boards, talked about time after time in chat rooms, and I have even discussed it with other fellow pumpers that I know. I just could never understand what you were all talking about. "What?" you ask.

Well, today I ripped out an infusion set on accident for the first time ever. In 14 months of pumping, I have never ripped out a set on accident. I have gotten snagged. I have had cannulas bend and clog. But I have NEVER ripped out an infusion set.

I was trying on shoes in Tractor Supply (for those of you who laugh, they really do have shoes and they are really comfortable). I had on my cowboy boots when I went in, so when I was done trying on shoes, I was putting my boots back on. I reached down to pull up my pant leg and yanked up, in the process grabbing my set and pulling it all the way out in one yank.
Luckily we were going to eat and I had a spare set in my purse (from prior experience, I carry all stuff with me). I just snuck in the bathroom when I got there & inserted and new set. No blood sugar spikes, nothing weird. Fairly uneventful except for the fact that I had never ripped out a set before.
Now I know. Now I can relate. And when you fellow bloggers and message board people talk about, I can officially say I relate.


Donna said...

Hi Cara,
My husband and I frequent Tractor Supply ourselves. They DO have really good shoes & my son gets all his jeans there. It's usually not too crowded, so it's a good place to shop for this kind of stuff.

I've only had my infusion set get pulled out once & I've been pumping for a year now. I was leaning over to close the door to one our dog's kennels & the tubing had fallen out of my jeans just a little bit. Well, that little bit got caught on the edge of the kennel & that was that. Scared me to death! But I was at home where all my supplies were & was able to put in a new one quickly. I'm glad you had your stuff with you when yours came out. Good thinking..

Wingman said...

Yikes, so I have that too look forward to as well!

My golf shirt is bright orange - although it's not my "favorite" color I am compelled to buy whatever I can find in orange.