Thursday, April 12, 2007

Frustrations and high glucose levels

Okay, today has been another sucky diabetes day. I got up this morning with a blood sugar of 159. Did a correction bolus, changed my pump (it had been 3 days), ate breakfast and bolused for that, and went to work. Two hours later I am 169. Didn't correct for this as there was active insulin still in my system. But at lunch, it was 197. Frustrated, I got my food and boulsed for the food and the correction. Got busy at work, but at about 3 hours later I was 201. No matter what I do, I can't get this one to fix. I did another correction bolus (my pump is working, nothing seems amiss). Two hours later I am at a friends house for dinner. I check my blood sugar and it is still 222. I started to give a correction bolus YET AGAIN, and I get the NO DELIVERY alert on my pump!!!!! Stupid me, didn't have my pump supplies with me, so I had to run back to my apartment and get my stuff to replace the entire infusion set and start all over. By this time I am just frustrated all the way around! I replace the infusion set, give a correction bolus, get food and bolus for that. Two hours later....275. Another correction bolus. My friends, although they do their best to understand my disease (one is an EMT for cryin' out loud!) make me promise to check my blood sugar before I go to bed and wake up for a midnight & 3 am test. This is gonna be a long night....
This is one of those days that I wish my diabetes would just go away. Some days it's easy. Today is not one of those days.

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