Monday, April 20, 2009

Crazy weekend....birthdays galore!

My weekend was pretty crazy. I had a million things to do and ended up not getting half of them done. It can be that was a lot of times for me, but this weekend was especially busy!

I had a cake to make for a friend on Saturday. It was a birthday cake for 2 guys. One guy was a children's church director, the other a music director, and they both were musically inclined. What I came up with:

Then, my beautiful kid sister turned 13 on Sunday. My mom and I took her and a friend out of town to eat and to buy her birthday present on Saturday afternoon. Then, on Sunday after church, my sis came home with me and we just hung out. I even let her make cupcakes. She did it all herself. The only thing I helped with was putting the icing in the bag for her. I thought she did a pretty good job!

I have to say, I love that kid more than life itself. There are 14 years and 11 months between us, and I missed many of her younger years because I was away at college. I'm glad I get to be closer to her now. She and I are as opposite as you can get, but I can't imagine life without her.

Sunday was also the birthday of one of my closest friends. We rarely get to see each other anymore, and it's especially hard on her birthday (cause I'm always with my sister), but I'm hoping to get to take her out to dinner later this week. Our schedules are crazy, so I'm crossing my fingers that nothing comes up!
Not a single diabetes related thing here....just a quick catch up on my life at this time. I hope you aren't too disappointed in the content. :)


Jill said...

Fun!!! The cake looks great and I bet your sis was having fun playing in the icing :) Glad things are going well with you! Check in as you can :D (((HUGS)))

Vivian said...

Your weekend was very busy but seems like you had fun. I think it is so great what you and your sister have, I always wanted a sister. All those scrumptious yummies, you guys are way too good. lol
You sound happy through your words, I really hope you are, you deserve it. Take care and have a good week. Mwah!

Lee Ann Thill said...

Birthdays galore is right! Wow! I think it's great that you make an effort to maintain a relationship with your sister. I imagine it can be hard to do with such a significant age difference. You're lucky to have that - and she's lucky to have such a great big sis :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post simply because it's not a single diabetes related thing. There is so much more going on in our lives besides diabetes. It's nice to read about the other things. :0) Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

How could anyone ever be disappointed in a post that includes one of your beautiful cakes???? I loved hearing all about your busy weekend.

Scott K. Johnson said...

What an awesome cake! And it sounds like you've been having a very good time with life itself lately too. That is great! :-)