Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diabetes in Strange Places

Me and my theatre craziness. You’d think with a blog dedicated to theatre, I’d STOP writing about theatre related stuff here. Really, I don’t mean to. But in the past month or so diabetes and theatre have been intersecting in my life like crazy.

On Friday night I went to a production of Camp Rock: The Musical at Cumberland County Playhouse (if you’re interested in my review click here). I took my sister and her boyfriend, mostly cause I didn’t want to go alone and I thought that my sister would enjoy the show (turns out both of them did).

We sat third row, center, so our seats were very close to the stage and very well placed. When I’m watching shows I have a tendency to pick out ensemble members and watch them. They aren’t always a huge part of the show, but seeing their actions and facial expressions can be so fun and give you a slight bit of insight into a character that often has no name or story.

During this particular production I was watching a couple of the kids. And then I saw it. Right before the intermission, I saw the clear tubing at her waist. And in my head I know that a sound pack doesn’t have clear wiring. I followed that clear tubing with my eyes, right to the pink MiniMed insulin pump hanging from her waist.

Being a totally cool person with diabetes, I freaked out! Oh my! I couldn’t believe it (not like I don’t meet diabetics on a fairly regular basis or anything… LOL). After that I couldn’t help but watch that little girl. I also knew I was going to have to introduce myself after the show.

I found Lindsey and her dad standing out in the lobby of the Playhouse. All I did was take my pump out of my pocket and show it to her. Insta-connection, right D-OC? :) I introduced myself to her dad and found out her brother was also in the show (and I’d seen him in other productions at the Playhouse).
We talked diabetes for a few minutes and I got a totally cool D-pictures of us with our pumps. And I made some theater/diabetes friends. It’s fun to know that we can have an instant connection with another person, just by sharing the common bond of diabetes.


k2 said...

Bumping pumps, it ain't nothing but a dthing!

Heidi =) said...

What a fun D meet up out of the blue! I love the insta-connection that we D peeps always have.

Karen said...

Love it!!! No matter how many D-OC meetups we attend, there is still something different about an unexpected D sighting in the wild. Very cool!!