Monday, June 6, 2011

Life for a Child Video

When I saw the exhibit on the discovery of insulin at the New York Historical Society back in October there was a short movie playing as part of the exhibit. I watched it all. The video was titled Life for a Child and was a look at what children in third world countries have to go through in order to get the very basic in diabetes care: insulin. It was moving, appalling, and touching.

Just the other day I got an e-mail that notified me that you can actually watch this film for FREE on Hulu by going HERE or that you can buy it ($9.99) or rent (3 day rental $2.99) it by visiting Amazon HERE. I've also put a the video (from Hulu) at the bottom of this post. I suggest you watch it if you haven't had the chance to do so yet. You may look differently at you own health and I can assure you that you will be thankful for whatever access to diabetes supplies that you may have.

The video is about half an hour long. Enjoy.

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The DL said...

I also loved the video. Really does make you appreciate what you have.

Pearlsa said...

Too bad the video will only stream in the USA and I am in Canada.