Monday, August 8, 2011

Justice & Synsyre

A great D-OC blogger and wonderful D-mama, Alexis has been a fantastic person to get to know. Both of her children are superheros and I love reading her blog, Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas. Alexis never beats around the bush and always tells you exactly what she thinks (a noble quality, in my opinion!), which in turn makes her a FANTASTIC advocate for people with diabetes.

 I asked her if her children, Justice (T1 since 2008) and Synsyre would like to give their views on diabetes for the "Your Voice" project and she was kind enough to send me something from both boys. So here is diabetes: Justice & Synsyre-style

Justice- Age 8

Hey everybody I'm Justice. Being a diabetic is really hard for me cause well, first when your diagnosed you have no idea what your parents and doctors are talking about. They can start panicking when you first woke up in the hospital, when that happened to me I was very upset cause it was my birthday vacation. I was in the hospital for a week and then when I got out I had to do shots and stuff. I had no idea how so my parents helped me out. When I had to get my insulin I always needed shots. 2 years later I got a pump! Then a new pump! My new pump is great and all but when I'm low I feel like jello, I'm like in pain. When I'm high I get really mad, and I don't like that. I get mad at my brother, my mom, my dad and I don't like that. Well we have for supplies when I'm low is skittles, sweet tarts, smarties, and glucose tabs. And if I'm really low we have glucagon. Its a shot. Then if I'm high I bolus, maybe like a unit or two. And we just figure it out. When I go down its all good. The people that help me most are my parents and my brother. Mostly my mom and brother cause my dad works. When I'm low my brother gets me candy and helps me out and that's really a good thing cause I need my right hand/left hand man. He helps me and I love him. Being a diabetic when you first get it its pretty hard. But once you've had it for 2 or 3 years, you're set to go. You'll be a diabetic pro. I feel emotional because when I'm low I feel sad cause I can't get to do that much stuff. With my family they're really helpful that's what makes diabetes pretty easy, cause I have a family that helps me. And that's it.

Synsyre - Age 6
Hi I'm Synsyre, Justice my oldest brother I hate that his Diabetes. What I like is that I can still go in the pool, and Justice can too. Cause his pump is waterproof. And I also like that we can handle the lows for him and when we do we got smarties, tabs, and what else? And other stuff is how we can handle lows, we have a lot of stuff with sugar. I feel bad for him cause he pricks his fingers, he has lows, sometimes he nauseous, he goes to sleep and doesn't know anyone's gonna prick his fingers and sometimes it wakes him up. If we are playing a game and our mom says check his sugar, I don't like that we have to stop cause we are doing very good at it. I feel very very very bad that he has to prick his fingers every day, or when we play he has to check his Dexcom. And when we play a game and he's high or something he has to give himself a bolus I don't like it. I hate when he's low in our pool cause then we have to come out. Diabetes makes me feel like if he was a person I'd pick him give him wedgie and throw him out of the window. I hate it. I feel bad for him very bad.


Lora said...

Great job guys!!

Synsyre, Justice is very lucky to have an awesome little brother :)

Unknown said...

That pic of Synsyre is ADORABLE!!! Wonderful post guys! Way to tell it like it is...just like your Mama.

Mike Hoskins said...

Great posts, guys! Way to share, and thank you so much for reaching out to include them Cara!