Monday, October 17, 2011

Simonpalooza NYC Style

This community that we have all created has become an amazing, wonderful family for us. I know that we realize that, but the past week has more than proved it. Our friend Simon (@STroyCrow) lives in Australia. More and more, we've had people from around the world entering our community and it's wonderful to see.

The man of the hour (or the week, as the
case may be).

Simon decided he wanted to come to the States. To see us. For months he worked more hours per week that most of us even think is possible. All to come visit us. So when I found out that he was making a stop in my favorite city in the world (New York people!!), I knew I had to go.

After a few bumps along my own planning, I made it to the city a few days before the actual Simonpalooza event. This allowed me time to meet up with some people who weren't going to make it to "official" event on Saturday. It also allowed me to spend some time hanging out with Simon BEFORE there were a million people around.

Some things I learned this weekend were that Simon is an amazing person (even though I think we all already knew that). He's got a huge heart and an amazing amount of determination. He wouldn't have been able to come to the U.S. without such determination.

Met with Jennifer on Friday since she couldn't make it to
Simonpalooza on Saturday.

I was also reminded how much this community is bonded. While most of us have never met, we are all friends. There were so many people I met for the first time at this meet-up (nothing like an Aussie to bring out the people that no one else can!). But just like it always is when I meet someone from the online community, it's like we aren't meeting for the first time. It's like meeting old friends.

Hanging out with these girls is never boring. :)

There were so many people there that I have met before. And seeing them again makes me realize how much I miss the face-to-face interaction with the people who have become some of my closest friends, and thankful that we have technology to keep us in touch in the times we are apart.

Two of my favorite people!

As I spent time with another friend with diabetes when I got back to Tennessee, she pointed out something that reconfirmed something for me. She said that those of us with diabetes have made something so positive out of a thing that can be so negative. Diabetes can be a truly devastating thing on so many levels. But things like the D-OC and the wonderful meet-ups in real life, and the knowledge that we have each other to lean on has really helped us put a positive spin on living with a chronic illness.

This picture was almost five years in the making!

I apologize for such a ramble filled post, but I'm still exhausted, having only made it home this evening. But know that this weekend possibly changed my life. It was unlike any other meet-up I've ever been at and I'm grateful and blessed to have been able to be a part of it.

This was a hug and run, since Kelly didn't arrive until
right before I had to leave, but I FINALLY got to meet her!


Stacey D. said...

Thank you for featuring me :) I'm really glad you like NY so much so that I get to see you more! I love our get togethers. Saturday was an incredible & am happy you were there.

Kim said...

Beautiful post (and pictures!), and I know exactly what you mean about meet-ups like this one changing your life. It sounds crazy until it's true.

Jess said...

beautiful! and i totally get what you're saying. there's something magical about the DOC in that way. we really do make positive from the negative.

and like kim, i understand what you mean. the KC simonpalooza was a life changing experience for me.

Kerri. said...

Meeting you was SUCH a highlight, Cara! Way too long in the making!! (Now it's my turn to visit you. :) Mind if I bring a kid and a guy?)

Cara said...

Kerri, bring 'em on! I'd love to meet them both.

TooDeep said...

It was a pleasure meeting so many of you for the first time. Tricia tells me about the Tweeters and it was nice putting names to faces. I moved to NY for Tricia, but found a great community as well. It was a nice bonus. I look forward to these meet-ups. And, if you see Tricia, you'll see me. (Fortunately or unfortunately. =8-O)

k2 said...

I'm SO SORRY I arrived late! But meeting you, Simon & the rest of the crew was AMAZING!
Next time I will arrive in NYC the day before, no chance of missing trains or having to run uptown before arriving midtown to grab my friend's house keys!

Tina Shaye said...

I feel very lucky to have the DOC in my life. Meeting Simon was awesome and seeing you again Cara was amazing! That accent brings such a smile to my face!

Karen said...

You know I love you, Twin!!!! I had so much fun on Saturday, and it wouldn't have been the same if you hadn't been there. :) Oh, and I keep forgetting to tell you, I am now - finally - officially all caught up on Glee and ready for when the new episodes come back!! :P See what you've done??

NeurosurgeryNP said...

It was awesome to meet up with you on Friday!

Jeff said...

It was so nice to finally meet you!