Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Midnight & 3 AM

So, I went to bed last night with a wonderful blood sugar reading of 99. I decided this would be the perfect night to do a midnight test and a 3 am test. I set my phone to go off at both of these times, put my glucometer next to my pillow and laid the flashlight next to that. I do this because I am usually too out of it to get up and turn on the light to check my blood sugar. I have found it easier to get right back to sleep this way.
I remember my phone going off at midnight. And I thought I remembered checking my blood sugar. But my alarm clock went off this morning and I remembered that I hadn't heard the phone go off at 3 am. Weird. Then I looked at my glucometer and it showed I hadn't had a test since bedtime last night...guess I dreamed that midnight test.
As for the phone alarm that didn't go off at 3 am. Well, it looks like I turned my phone off in my sleep. Figures. We'll just have to try this again some other night.
At times like this I think I should have a roommate. To basically be sure I don't die during the night. But I have lived alone for so long I don't know if I could handle another roomie. And I always have friends who check on me. I also have a colleague at work who's husband is a Type 1 diabetic. She knows if I don't show up to work and I don't call that someone needs to check on me. I suppose that just my safety net.

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