Sunday, May 13, 2007

Unexpected Road Trips....

This cute little guy is a baby Pygmy Hippo. It's bigger now than it was in this picture, but I got to see it yesterday at the zoo in Louisville, Kentucky. He was all cute and lying next to his mother while she watched all the patrons of the zoo carefully.
Now, you ask, how did I end up at the Zoo this weekend? Well, it was most certainly and unexpected road trip.
Since my car accident a couple of weeks ago I have been going to a chiropractor three times a week. It is in the same town that I attended college and is about and hour from my house. One of my oldest and dearest friends lives there with her husband and their 8 month old son (who is the light of my life right now!). I stopped by after my appointment to say hello and to give my baby a kiss. I love that kid!
When I got there, they informed me that they were going to the zoo in Louisville and that I was coming with them. They only just decided to go and thought that I needed to go with them.
I had about a million things to do this weekend, other than take a six hour road trip to a zoo in another state. But, I went anyway, for old times sake. Old times being 2005 when they did the same thing to me, only we went to the Atlanta Zoo. Less than 2 hours notice and all.
All in all, I had a blast. We took lost of pictures, some of which I will be adding after I get them downloaded onto my computer.
The funny thing about this is that it was the first trip of any kind, other than to their parents' homes, that my friend and her husband had taken since the baby was born. So my friend was busy doing her verbal checklist:
Baby food: check
Baby spoon: check
Extra clothes: check
Diapers: check
Formula: check
Bottles: check
Juice: check
It was kind of funny on my part, because with so little notice to me leaving, I also had a verbal checklist that I went through:
Test strips: check
Glucose tabs: check
Cooler for insulin: check
Vitamins and other meds: check
The diabetes also behaved itself quite well for me. I checked by
blood sugar twice during the time we were in the zoo (about 3 hours). I was letting it run a little high: around 150, since it was 85 degrees outside and we were sweating like crazy. I didn't want to have a low and have to stop to treat it. But there were no major problems. No soaring highs, no scary lows, no malfunctioning infusion sets. I didn't forget anything I needed for the trip, and I didn't have any diabetes related catastrophe of any kind.
Other than the incessant testing, me and the diabetes got along well and basically called a truce for the day. It was almost like living life without diabetes....not that I would know what that is like.
On another note: anyone in the Louisville area should check out their zoo! It was awesome. Much better than the Atlanta Zoo in my opinion. Lots of animals, fun stuff for the kids. You can walk the zoo, ride the train, or take a tram (a little trolley bus). We walked, but if you have small children who are walking, it might be nice to give them a break by riding the train or tram.

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