Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A New Site!

Okay, so I have been hearing since I started this whole pump deal, nearly 13 months ago, about using different infusion sites other than the stomach. I have toyed with the idea many times, but couldn't really decide what to do. I know from experience that if I put the infusion set too far away from my bellybutton, then the cannula gets bent and I have to rip out the set and start over.

There have been influences to using a different site for me. One would be Kerri with her Six Until Me blog. Kerri often blogs about her site that is on her upper thigh. Another is a young lady that I go to church with. She uses the back of her upper arm most of the time.

Another influence is the build up of scar tissue on my stomach. I have some from the time of MDIs. It was easier for me to inject my stomach a lot of times, than to go to the restroom or another place and inject elsewhere. It has gone down some, but I don't want it to be worse in the future. Not that I have a flat stomach by any means, but I certainly don't want it anymore deformed than it is already.

So today was the day for me. I changed my set this morning, and for the first time, tried a thigh site. So far it has been okay. No bent cannula as of yet. I feel it a little more than I do the sites on my stomach, but I think it might be mental more than anything. Like right after you start with the pump & you always know that it is there.

So far, so good. We'll see how it works out. And maybe a thigh site will become more of the norm for me and give me the chance to better rotate my infusion sites.

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