Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun with Friends

So, I decided to enter a cake in the county fair this year. I've never done it before. The prize money isn't really worth the money you put into it (effort aside!). But I had a couple of co-workers that encouraged me to try and my friend wanted to help out, so we got to work decorating cake dummies (a.k.a. Styrofoam pieces).

The base was foam board that I glued black paper on, and my friend added the smaller black lines with a Sharpie. Then I covered it with saran wrap to make it food safe (even though the cake wasn't going to be eaten.

Then, my friend sat and cut out zebra stripes. First with and exact-o knife, and then with a pizza cutter (it went faster and made smoother cuts). As she cut them, I placed them on the iced bases using a little water and a paintbrush so that the fondant would stick.

Here's my friend's contribution of a little heart...and we were almost done. It was nearly midnight and we were sooooooo tired!

The inspiration for the whole thing came from the topper, which I found in the floral section of a hobby store.

I ended up winning first place, but not best of show. That went to a loaf of blueberry lemon bread. But we had fun and I got some experience that I didn't have before. :) I hope you guys enjoy it all.


meanderings said...

Cool cake! Did you get a ribbon?
First place is great!

Cara said...

I'll go pick up my ribbon on Sunday when I get my cake dummies back. :) I'm excited.

Katie from SF said...

I love it! It makes me want sugar. Yummmm. ;)

HVS said...

Nice cake-it's very original & expressive. You're a great decorator!

Karen said...

Wow, Cara!!! Your first entry and you took first place!!! Good for you! I'm so proud - but I'm not one bit surprised. You are quite a talent, my friend!!

Her Name Is Lola said...

I had fun! If you had made it with the white chocolate cake, I am pretty sure you would have won everything! Stupid having to be able to eat it nonsense. :( (pout)