Monday, December 15, 2008

To Request or Not to Request....That is the Question

I am planning on taking another Praxis test in a couple of months. The Praxis, for those of you who don't know, it the test you take to get your teaching license. The first license I got had only one area of endorsement and took 3 tests to get the license.
I am working on another area of endorsement right now and working toward my Master's degree. There are 2 additional test to get this endorsement. One test I took shortly after I went on the insulin pump. All the previous tests, I was on MDIs.

I have never, ever asked for special accommodations for testing. Not even when I was in school taking the Assessment Tests they make you take as a kid.

I, however, have never taken a test while on CGMS. I am confused about what to do. I may have no problems whatsoever. The last test I took, I was in a car accident on the way to the test, still got there in time and took the test and PASSED! I was on the insulin pump, tested before going into the room. I was pretty high from the adrenaline rush from the wreck, so I corrected, took the test and never had any other problems.

With my CGMS, I am afraid I may have some problems. What happens if it starts to beep during the test (even if I have it on vibrate!)? Will they think I am cheating if I reach in my pocket to make it stop? Or what if I need to test because it is low or high? What if I need a juice box?

With CGMS, I tend to be more consumed with my diabetes care. It makes me uncertain. Should I request special accommodations? Basically, the right to have my juice and meter if needed? Will this mean I have to test in another room?

I have heard so many horror stories of people having the pump ripped out my test administrators. I DO NOT want to risk that. But I fear giving up my "normalcy" by requesting special accommodations.

What do I do? Diabetes OC, things have changed so much since I was a kid. And my diabetes care has changed so much since I took my last standardized test. Do you have any suggestions? What should I do?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kara, for what it's worth I'd request accommodation. That way, you will be covered just in case. Fortunately I passed the CPA exam prior to my diagnosis, but if I had not, I think I would have wanted to make arrangements to be able to test, take more insulin or consume carbs if needed. Those tests are stressful enough as it is, so why not take one more stressor out of the mix? I made a post yesterday w/ a similar title, though different subject, LOL.

Jill said...

I'd also suggest asking for accommodations. You may not need to use them but at least they would be aware of your situation and you wouldn't be questioned if you did have to leave the room for any reason.

meanderings said...

Your goal is to pass the test. Request the accommodations and that way your only stress is the test.

Anonymous said...

I wrote all my exams in law school without any accommodation, while on the pump. Everyone could eat, drink so that wasn't a problem. It was only when I went to write my bar exams that i Had to get accommodation. Seems like my pump & testing kit resembled prohibited electronic devices and were not allowed in the testing room. Since then, from other exams, I've found that it is easiest to find out if you 'need' accommodation (in the sense that having extra gadgets will cause an issue at the exam room) before the exam, to avoid problems the day of.
Good luck!