Friday, January 30, 2009

Awesome Friends.

I miss my friends. They are really awesome and almost none of them live anywhere close to me. But, over Valentine's weekend, I am going to visit a friend in the D.C. area. I won't have much time, but I know there are some fellow bloggers out in that area, so if you want to get together for coffee or whatever, let me know. It might work out and it might not, but I'm always up for meeting fellow bloggers.

BTW, I don't drink coffee. But what else do you "get together' over? I mean really? :D


Jill said...

I will talk to Frankie about driving up! Do you know exactly where you will be staying?

HVS said...

I'd love to come..if things work out.Will twitter ya.

Lee Ann Thill said...

Coffee is nasty stuff, IMO. I know some people who don't like to drink it, but still like the smell. I don't even like the smell, nor do I like anything even remotely coffee-flavored (ice cream, candy, any kind of dessert...)... bleh! I wish the phrase "meet for coffee" included some other beverage, but if I meet anyone for coffee, the coffee is theirs - I'll get hot tea or a diet whatever, thankyouverymuch :)

Cara said...

I can't wait! :P
I hope we can make this work out to get together. Even if it's only for a couple of hours.
Lee Ann, I love the smell & hate the taste of coffee. I'm weird. :) I could hang out all day in Starbucks & never buy a thing.