Monday, January 26, 2009

TMI Post....Gentlemen beware!

Okay ladies, I have a question for you: how does birth control effect your diabetes? Mainly your blood sugars?
I have a good reason for asking this question. I had been on birth control for a little over a year now. My blood sugars generally run okay. My A1c for the past 3 times has been 6.3, 6.3 and 6.6 (darn Thanksgiving & Christmas!).
For the past several months (maybe longer....I don't keep the best records) I have been fighting horrible high blood sugars. Super highs at night and spikes that never used to happen. My insulin intake in the past year went from staying between 40-47 units a day, to being consistently over 50 units per day.
About 2 weeks ago, I did some major changing in my basal and bolus rates. I thought this might help me out in controlling some of my crazy swings in my blood sugar readings. It began to get somewhat better, but still, not perfect. Then, a week ago, I stopped taking my birth control pills (no worries, they were for regulatory purposes only). Basically, I am a slacker and my prescription lapsed. Since there was no real purpose for them anyway, I just quit taking them.
Suddenly, my blood sugars have improved dramatically. For the past 8 days, my blood sugar average in tests, and on my sensor, are averaging 115. My daily insulin intake hasn't been above 48 units.
Because of the lapse in time between changing all of my basal rates and stopping taking my birth control, the only thing I can figure out is that the dramatic change in my blood sugars is from the absence of the birth control.
I want to know what the experience is with you ladies. Have you noticed a change in your blood sugar ranges when on and off birth control? Have you heard that birth control can effect your blood sugars?
I want to know if I am alone in this one. It's kind of creepy.


Anonymous said...

If only I could stop taking birth control pills... :)

FYI - I think mid 6's is excellent control so you must be doing things right.

How is the stress level. I find that stress tends to reek havoc on my blood sugars and insulin effectiveness.

jules said...

well they are hormones and hormones are crazy little things... i do notice though that right before my period i get a lot more highs. it could be a factor but i don't think it's serious enough to worry about...