Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Moretic Diabetic

Well, it seems like my last post struck a chord with the blogosphere. Apparently, I'm not the only diabetic that has some totally moronic moments. There are even some parents of diabetic children who are having these moments too!

Kelly, over at Diabetesaliciousness, picked right up on it, and has founded the "club" that we all talked about in the comments section of my post. And we are all members! :)

Lynnea joined us, as she explained in her most recent post.

I have to say, that the blogosphere rose to the occasion, once again, and made me feel like a human. You guys made me feel like a normal person. And you made me feel like I wasn't alone.

That is priceless.

So, I suggest you go over and check out Kelly's post. She is a total comic, once again. Thanks, Kelly, for making a comic twist on something that could otherwise, be very depressing. You rock!

By the way, I think Molly Moretic-Space Cadet Diabetic, is my new best friend! This is my very sad Microsoft Paint version on Molly. I challenge you all to come up with a better one. PLEASE!!!! This one sucks. :D


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! I LOVE it!!

We need a "guy" version, for our t-shirts. I just can't walk around saying "I'm Molly" without someone asking questions behind my back...

k2 said...

Cara -
Glad your a friend of Molly! Cut pic btw!!!
I tried to get a good pick of "Inter Planet Janet for Molly from School House Rock, but couldn't find a one that was clear enough. The Moretics Club is growing strong - let the games begin!!

k2 said...

BTW - your definitely not alone and your DEFINITELY NOT normal - your perfect and we love you!

Molly said...

HEY! My name is Molly.
The picture looks just like me.
I need a shirt. :-)