Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Confection Collection

As we well know, bags, purses, cases and the like that are specifically made for those with diabetes can be hard to find and/or afford. Some of them are majorly cute, but cost more (I think) simply because they are titled as "for diabetes supplies".
Occasionally, I try to find bags and the like that aren't specifically for diabetes supplies, just to see if they would work for some of my stuff. Up until recently, I never really found anything to speak of. Then I got an e-mail newsletter from a cake decorating site. They had a link to something called "The Confection Collection." You guys know how I am about cakes and cupcakes of all shapes & sizes....it's a passion of mine. So, of course, I clicked and found some of the cutest purses, wallets and wristlets I had ever seen! The purses were really too small for my many d-supplies, and I already have a wallet that I love, so those were both out immediately. However the wristlet seemed cute. And possibly small enough to hold my meter and testing supplies....

So, I purchased. Yes, it may seem ironic to buy a bag to hold diabetes supplies that is covered in carbs. But I like ironic. It makes me laugh.

Here's what I ordered:

When I got it, I decided it was still a little too big for my meter & testing supplies. But I still used it. For a while now, I've been carrying around an "emergency kit" in my purse. Basically everything for a site change, battery change, or sensor re-taping. And some glucose tabs (I consider those emergency, and not my juice boxes, because I hate glucose tabs. And I only use them if there's nothing else around) and my glucagon pen. That "emergency kit" was housed in a quart size ziploc bag (Thank you TSA...).

When I got the cute strawberry bag, I decided to see if my "emergency kit" would fit into it instead. It's much prettier than a raggedy old ziploc bag.

And guess what? It did.


I picked the chocolate covered strawberries because they were red and black. And currently, my purse is red and my wallet is red, so I figured that I'd stick with a theme. I almost bought the one with the cupcakes instead.....but changed my mind at the last minute.

So this is my plug for "The Confection Collection" by Christian Marie. The bags are surprisingly well made. And adorable. She has other items in her online store as well. And the turn around time was incredibly fast. I ordered on Tuesday and had it in my mailbox by Friday. Wonderful and quick service all the way around. Go on over and check out her items. And join me in being an ironic diabetic.

Oh, and don't worry...I still have my eye on THIS little number from Myabetic. I'll have it eventually. :)


Holly said...

I have the silver Mystique from Myabetic. It works great for basic supplies, but I still need a purse for other stuff and my own emergency kit. Sounds like we need to combine our forces. =)

Karen said...

So cute!!! I think it makes a perfect bag for your D-Emergency Supplies. But then again, I love irony too. :)