Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Diabetes Blessings Week 2012

This is the time of year that we are supposed to be reminded of all of the blessings we have in our life. I have many. Even though it sometimes can be difficult to remember them all, God always has a way of dropping things or people in my life to remind me of how truly blessed I am.

Diabetes has a way of taking over your life sometimes. And not in a good way. There are times when the blood sugar readings, and insulin calculations, and carb counts can be so monotonous that you just want to not deal with it anymore. But as we know, diabetes isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And we need to look for the good in what we've been handed.
Mike, over at My Diabetic Heart had a great idea last year to have Diabetes Blessings Week. This is a week in which we blog about the blessings that diabetes has brought into our lives. I wish I could blog every day this week, but it's not going to happen. But in celebration of Thanksgiving (tomorrow!!), I wanted to post at least one post about the thing that I feel has been the biggest blessing to me.

Friends. They are so, so precious. Most of the time we are limited by geography when it comes to our friends. Sure, they may live other places, but we've mostly come into contact with them face to face and shared time with them. The Diabetes Online Community brought me to some of the best friends I've ever had. Through the internet and a shared problem of a dead pancreas I have some amazing people who've made their way into my life.
I've been blessed to meet some of them in person, but all of them are friends, regardless of how we know each other. Because of the D-OC, I have Christmas cards going to at least three other countries. For a girl from small town U.S.A. who's never left the lower 48 states, that is a big deal.

All of the people in the D-OC? I wouldn't know if it weren't for diabetes. Sure, diabetes sucks a big one. But even a rainy day can give you a rainbow. My friends from the D-OC are my diabetes rainbow.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I agree, Cara! You all are very special to me. Thank you for changing my life! :-)