Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The World’s Worst Sick-O (Sick-y?)

I’m sick. Real people sick. Not super sick, but I’m feeling icky, coughing, hacking, can’t breath, sore throat, swollen eyes, etc. I felt bad enough (coupled with the fact that several members of my family that I spent time with over Thanksgiving have an upper respiratory infection) that I went to the doctor this afternoon. I didn’t want to risk getting any sicker right now because I’m seriously swamped at work, running up on end of the month deadlines, and I have to sing on Sunday in my Community Choir’s Christmas concert.

I hate being a sick-o (sick-y?). It’s not fun. I whine. I want my mommy and I want to sleep. Basically, I’m a big, fat baby when it comes to being “real people” sick. I find it ironic that I will power through just about anything diabetes related. Even when I feel like crap, but I’m such a baby when it comes to other types of sickness.

I’ve powered through failed pump sites, horrid rebound highs, and most recently DKA, in order to continue doing what I was doing, or what I had planned. I refuse to let diabetes keep me down. I just won’t. I’m sure that I technically feel a LOT worse with some of these things (especially the DKA), but I just keep going.

But when it comes to “real-people” sick, I just want to cry and stay at home. Why is it that “real-people” sick is so easy for me to whine about? Perhaps because I feel like it’s the one thing that I can whine about. I don’t want to show weakness when it comes to diabetes, but “real-people” sick is a whole different story.

And is it just me, or do they go out of their way at the doctor’s office to poke a HUGE hole in your finger when they are taking blood? I swear the whole tip of my finger is sore. In fact, it’s slightly bruised, even though you can’t see it in the picture. Okay, I’m through whining now. I think. Anyone else power through diabetes related stuff & become a total softy when it comes to anything else?


Colleen said...

Feel better, soon!
And - I never, ever let anyone else do the finger poking.

StephenS said...

Yeah, at the office, I think they don't want to be bothered with adjusting the lancet device. I come home with a sore finger every time.

k2 said...

I am so sorry that you're having a rough time my friend and feel better quick! And yes, I am the Pillsbury Dough Girl/Woman when it comes to being real people sick! BIGGEST. SOFTY. EVER.
Kelly K

Unknown said...

First I must admit that i admire you, Cara, for your determination in fighting with diabetes. I think is normal, even for a warrior, that once in a while the whining time comes. After all we all are human beings and as such we need to whine too.
My daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes and reading your lines worries me about what she may have to go through. We are living in South East European country and things here are not so developed, thus I expect to face more difficulties in treating her. I am ready to do anything, but anything to make her life as good as other kids of her age has.
I will translate your story and let her reading it; I do hope that will help her understand what is happening to her learning from you. I will come back here after that and share the outcome.
Thank you for writing your story giving me the a little help i need for my Jessy.


P.S. I dont know if i am allowed to post here my Tweeter and FaceBook IDs. I want to get in touch with more people and learn from them. Maybe you let me know.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man - hope you're feeling better!