Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food Meme.

Thanks to Lee Ann for the meme. It's desperation time in the land of NaBloPoMo. :)

1. Can you cook? If yes, do you like to cook?

Yes, I can cook. And yes, I like to cook.

2. When do you eat with your whole family?

Well, I live alone, so eating with my whole family doesn't happen very often. Maybe at holidays. But if you are counting just the family that lives in your home, all the time. :)

3. What do you eat for breakfast? Cereal or a piece of wheat bread and peanut butter.

4. When, where and how do you eat on weekdays?

Usually breakfast is between 7:30 and 8:00, lunch at 12:00, and dinner between 5:30 and 7:00. Most of the time I eat a home. As for the how, well I guess I eat like everyone else does. Chewing is usually a good thing. :)

5. How often do you eat out (in a restaurant)?

Does this include drive-thru? If so, about 2 or 3 times a week. If it's actually sitting down in a restaurant eating, probably only 2 or 3 times per month.

6. How often do you order delivery/take-out?

A few times per week I do drive thru.

7. Regarding no. 5 and 6: Say there weren’t financial reasons would you do this more often?

Possibly. I like to eat out in restaurants, but it's not always healthy.

8. Are there any “standard dishes” you serve regularly?

Spaghetti. Hamburger helper (I know it's not really cooking, but it's quick and easy for just me). I love to make soup and chilli, especially in the winter time.

9. Have you ever cooked for more than 6 persons?

Last Thanksgiving I believe there were 7 people. My grandmother isn't able to cook anymore, so I cooked for my dad, brother, his wife and 2 kids and myself. This year I am cooking again, but there will be less people there. Only 4 of us this year.

10. Do you cook every day?

An actual meal? No.

11. Have you ever tried recipes from blogs?


12. Who cooks more frequently at your home?

Me. Cause it's just me.

13. And who cooks better?

Me. Cause it's just me

14. Do you cook totally different compared to your mother/parents?

Somewhat. Some things I do exactly the same. Others I think I am more health conscious about.

15. If yes, do you nevertheless eat at your parents?

I eat there sometimes. I love my mom's cooking.

16. Are you a vegetarian or could you imagine being one?

Not a vegetarian. I don't know that I could be either. Sometimes I just crave a steak!

17. What would you like to cook which you haven’t dared to make yet?

Does it count for baking cakes? I have a couple of types of icing that I haven't dared yet.

18. Do you prefer cooking or baking?


19. What is your greatest misery in the kitchen?

The lack of space to put all my cake decorating stuff. And the lack of counter space. Oh, and the pink and blue pineapple wallpaper that I can't take down because I rent. :)

20. What do you dislike?

Not big on super spicy foods.


Lee Ann Thill said...

Those cupcakes are so cute!!! I would love to know how to decorate cakes - it really is an art!

Cara said...

Thanks! It's really not very hard. I taught myself. Just buy one of those cheap kits and play around with it. :)

Jill said...

Ohhhh I showed those cupcakes to my oldest daughter a few minutes adorable! She took 3 of the Wilton cake decorating classes. She's only 14 but she wants to be a pastry chef/cake decorator and open her own bakery :) I've played in the icing when shes had all her tools out and its tons of fun!

BTW...Im borrowing this Meme...haha!

Cara said...

Jill, I'd like to take the Wilton classes, but it's an hour drive for me to do it. So I just kind of stalked Wilton's website and taught myself. :)
I'd LOVE to be a pastry chef, but I found my love too late. :( I can't go back to school now because I'd have to quit my job and move (the closest school is Nashville) and then I'd loose my insurance! Stupid diabetes. :)

Karen said...

This meme is so much fun. I saw it at Lee Ann's too, and I'll be posting it one day this week. Your cupcakes are just too cute!!!

Jill said... hour away!! Geeesh!!

Well Kayleigh is only in 9th grade and shes in the Culinary class with the school. She has 2 more years that she can take the Culinary program and so she's hoping by the time she graduates then she will just be able to start her own business. (Psst...I dont have the heart to tell her its not that easy...but ya never know!) Anyway, she went thru the classes and she does cakes for people (mostly family) and makes a little side money :) She takes that money and turns it right back into getting tips, bags, tools and such. The Wilton classes were wayyyyy too pricey tho! My Mom took the class with her and she paid for it so thats the only reason she got to do it. Each class was $40 and then the cost of the kit was $30-$40 they had to make a cake every week to take in along with all the icing they'd need for the class (which usually went to waste!) was about $300 each class! The classes were only 4 weeks long and she seemed to learn more just by reading the book and practicing at dont feel like you missed out! Its nice to have someone show you little tips and that was the only good thing! From the look of those cupcakes youve done a WONDERFUL job teaching yourself! Have you played with fondant yet? Kayleigh hated it! She said she'd create cakes with buttercream first! Plus it tasted gross!! Sorta like eating playdough...haha!

Cara said...

Thanks, Karen. I look forward to reading your meme!

Jill, I had no idea the classes were that expensive! I do better on my own anyway, I think. :)
I have worked a little with fondant. I don't really have it down yet. I don't like the Wilton fondant, so I don't use it at all. I make marshmallow fondant and it's edible for the most part. I just haven't figured out how to cover a cake in it! :)