Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am currently reading a book for a college class. Brown v. the Board of Education. I am glad to see how far our nation has come in comparison to these times I am reading about now. The results of this election proves that in America you CAN truly be whatever you want, regardless of race or gender. But I am also disheartened. I know a majority of you in the Diabetes OC are over the moon about the results of yesterday's election. To you, I say congratulations.
While I am thrilled that our nation can pick an African-American to be it's leader, it's the choice of man I call into question. I feel he is a man we know nothing about, who refuses to produce his birth certificate, and who surrounds himself with people of questionable character. Time and time again, people would bring up these subjects, only to have the media and Mr. Obama, ignore the questions or give an answer that did not satisfy, only pacify.
As we enter a new time in our history as a nation, I ask, regardless of how you voted, that you pray. For Mr. Obama, the people who were elected and sit in the House and Congress, and for this nation as a whole.
We are entering a time of uncertainty. The economy has taken a hit, people are loosing their homes and livelihood, and now we have elected a man to the most high office in the nation, who on average has not voted "yay" or "nay" while serving as Senator, but voted "present". If a man cannot make a decision as simple as yes, or no, I pray that he surrounds himself with people who can advise him wisely and correctly, as he now holds the fate of our great Nation in his hands.

On that note, this is more than likely the ONLY time I will post anything political (as far as sharing my beliefs) on this blog. I understand that others have a different opinion than mine. But please, I ask you, do not be harsh and cruel in your comments, as I will never be in yours. The right to have a difference in opinion is what makes this Nation the greatest in the world.


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Being able to vote is a wonderful thing, and like you I don't take it for granted.
Just because we are on different sides of the isle politically, does not lesson my respect for you - I think your fabulous and I'm proud to call you friend!
As far as the birth certificate issue, here's a link to an article written about it's verification.


HVS said...

Totally agree. (I'm not normally a political poster either but sometimes you gotta get it off your chest)