Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Open Letter to Crystal Bowersox

Dear Crystal,
Tonight's the night. The finale. Honestly, you are the only reason I'm still watching this season. I would have quit long ago otherwise. Not that the contestants were talented enough; they were. The season's just kind of been boring. Except for you.
From the first time they showed you, you've been a bright point in the show. You're different. You had a distinct sound. You sing the kind of music I love. And you are super talented.

We share one thing in common....diabetes. When I found out (from fellow members of the diabetes online community) that you had a TuDiabetes page, I had to go check it out. When I found out it was true, I realized that you weren't just super talented. You were like me too.

Finding another person living with diabetes every day is always an adventure. As part of the diabetes online community (the D-OC, as we like to call it) gave me a way to connect with people who understood me and understood the things I dealt with every day.

When I found out you were in the hospital earlier this season, I was scared. Not that you would die. Or anything else absurd that many media outlets seemed to "report". I was scared because I know how bad I feel when I end up in the hospital. I know how it can zap my energy and life for days. And I know how that "diabetic hangover," as I like to call it, can make you want to do nothing but sleep for hours.

But you stuck it out. You sang that week anyway. And you blew us away. Part of me wonders what your blood sugar was on stage that day.

I thank you Crystal, for being a person living with diabetes that is actually LIVING. There are so many of us out here that feel like people think we can't do this, or eat that, or live life the way we'd like. But you are proving to millions of people that diabetes doesn't have to stop you.

I don't have a journalism degree. I don't write for a living. I don't have any media contacts or anything that even guarantees me that you'll ever read this blog post.

But if you do, and you wouldn't mind it, I'd like to interview you for my blog. I know there are many of us that would love to hear your story from your point of view. And I'd be honored to be able to be a D-OC blogger that got to do that.

And tonight, know that I'll be voting. Constantly. Because you deserve to be the next American Idol.


Cara, fellow T1 since 1986.


Unknown said...

This is a very touching letter. We share many of the same views when it comes to Crystal. She is our inspiration. She shows us that having diabetes shouldn't make you stop at anything! Her and Kevin Covais are two American Idol Finalists who are proof of this! Check out Kevin's video here: http://www.youtube.com/dridiabetesdiplomats

Anonymous said...

Cara: Happy Birthday! And thanks for your touching letter. You echo what so many of us lifelong Type 1s feel when it comes to Crystal, and other "celebs" who are actually Living With Diabetes and defeating the myth that we're banned from these types of activities in life. Thanks for sharing. And I'll look forward to having the chance to see Crystal guest-blog for you - that's soething we'd all benefit from seeing!

Karen said...

What a wonderful letter this was. I'm disappointed Crystal didn't win last night - but I hope she knows she is a winner in the eyes of the D-OC. I hope I'll be reading your interview with her right on this blog very soon!!!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I look forward to the interview. :)

Unknown said...

Very well said Cara!