Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hide and Seek

It has been a while since I lost a blood sugar meter. In the almost 25 years since I was diagnosed, I can count on my hands the number of times that I lost and meter. Most of the times it was either when I was a child (I once lay one down in a Sears store...we never saw it again), or when I wasn't taking care of my diabetes the way that I should (i.e. going weeks without testing). Since I started checking my blood sugar 8 to 12 times a day the most I've done is misplace it for a little while, or leave it at home and go to work (which isn't far).

But today I think I've finally done it. I had to change my sensor and infusion site this morning. I had to use my meter for that. My open insulin is in the meter case. After I finished changing everything, the only thing I did was take the garbage to the dump.

When I got back I started looking for my meter. I was hungry, my CGMS just beeped that it needed to be calibrated, and I was ready to have lunch. But I couldn't find it. I looked in the bathroom (where I keep the majority of my diabetes supplies and change my sites, sensors, etc.). It wasn't there. That is actually the last place I remember seeing it. I turned my purse upside down. Not there. I checked in my bedroom, under my covers, under my bed, in my closet, on top of my dresser...nothing.

I moved onto the living room and kitchen. By the stove, on my computer desk, on the bookshelf that sits by my front door, on my baker's rack, behind my roommate's son's toy box, under the couch, under the recliner....still nothing. Then I checked them all again. I even looked in the washer (I'd thrown my sheets in the washer earlier). Nothing.

Then my roommate checked her room (why it would be there, neither of us knew. But we checked anyway). Nothing. Then I checked them all again. And again.

By this time, I am getting very, very frustrated. I'm hungry. Cranky. And unsure what my blood sugar is because my new sensor had yet to be calibrated.

Then my lightbulb came on... I had an extra OneTouch Mini. I'll just use that to calibrate and eat and then resume the search for my OneTouch Ultra Link. I went to my closet, where all my extra meters, and pump boxes are...and then I remembered that I had given the OneTouch Mini away, along with a box of strips, to someone who didn't have insurance or a meter.

Crap. Okay. I'm still hungry. I still need to calibrate. Ug. So, I ran to the local drug store and bought another OneTouch Mini. Something to last me until I can find the magical disappearing OneTouch Ultra Link.

When I got back home with the new OneTouch Mini, all I could do is try to stay calm and that God that I live in a day in age when I can get a meter without a prescription. And that I can purchase one for less than $100. I remember life when you had to have a prescription. And they were still majorly expensive. But even in my thankfulness, I still am annoyed. My other meter has an almost new bottle of insulin in it, my Accu Check Multiclix poker, and my really awesome button that says "Wouldn't it be great if life were a giant musical?".

So, what to do? I'm hoping that it just shows up in some totally random place. There is a very, very slim chance that I took it out with the trash (either it fell off the kitchen counter into the trash, or the 2 year old threw it in the trash and we didn't notice). Its unlikely, but the only option, unless it shows up somewhere else.

Right now, I've eaten lunch. I have a meter that works (though it isn't my first choice), and I'm going to try to take a break from searching. Cause they say you always find something when you aren't looking, right? I figure I'll give it a week, max, and then I'll ask my doctor to write me a new prescription for another OneTouch Ultra Link and an Accu-Check Multiclix. As for the musical button...I'll have to reorder that one myself. Sigh.


Unknown said...

OH MY! I hope you find it soon!!!! I hate that feeling of losing something important!

Good luck and I'll send up a prayer for you...nothing is too small for God!

Cherise said...

I hope you find your meter! So glad you had could go to the store to purchase something to get you by. I'm sure you'll find it.

meanderings said...

What were you wearing? Pockets??
Did you throw out your set change trash. If so, I fear you have to go visit the dumpster and find your bag.
Fingers crossed!!

Karen said...

Did you find it??? If not, would the One Touch Ultra Link I got when I first started pumping (April 2008) work with your pump? Because as far as I know, it is still in the box. I think I took the strips out and used them in my mini, but I've never used the meter and would be glad to send it to you!!