Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dreaming of Infusion Sites

The past couple of days my new insulin pump infusion site has been sore. It was like that when I put it in, but I'm stubborn. I don't like to change it unless I see blood, or my blood sugars get crazy. I didn't have my CGMS in (I was planning on putting one on this morning), so I didn't have a totally solid look on my blood sugars, but I was testing regularly with no major issues.

Last night I had a dream that someone was pulling on my insulin pump tubing, pulling my infusion site. It was weird, but I've had similar dreams before. I woke up, tested my blood sugar (I was in the low 200s), gave a bolus and went back to sleep. I woke up this morning and my blood sugar was STILL high, even higher than before. I knew something was wrong.

I looked down at my infusion site and it was full of blood. Yay. Really, really, really bad site. Maybe that pulling on my tubing wasn't a dream after all. I pulled the site and then proceeded to bleed through 3 tissues and a Band-Aid. When I finally got the bleeding to stop, I did a new infusion site and a sensor.

It sucks, because I am waiting for my blood sugar to come down so that I can eat breakfast (I'm starving). But it could be worse. I have a new site, a new sensor, I'm feeling okay (other than thirsty and dry mouth). At least it did get any worse before I caught it, so I still have my Saturday ahead of me! I've got things to do!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Weight Off My Shoulders

I'm currently planning my vacation this summer. This will be the first vacation since being diagnosed with celiac disease. I'm still learning what life is like with celiac. Some days it seems easy. Other days, it is more frustrating than you can possibly imagine.

Learning how to eat out in my town, learning how to shop again, learning how to cook again... it is all part of this new life I'm living.

Something I haven't done yet is take a vacation. Traveling outside my comfort zone. Thinking about it makes want to cry a little, even though I know that many people travel with no problems or issues.
This summer I am planning on attending the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference in Orlando. This will be my second year attending. Last year, it was such an amazing experience, I knew I wanted to go again.

This year is different. I go back with celiac disease AND diabetes. Because celiac is so common in people with diabetes and their family members, Friends for Life always has separate food for those with the "yellow" bracelets (green means diabetes, orange means family, yellow means celiac). They cater to this because it is a need.

This eases my mind so very much. Knowing that there will be food available and I won't have to ask questions or worry.... that is an amazing weight off my shoulders.

On top of that, this year's conference is being held at a Disney resort. Disney has a reputation for catering to those with dietary restrictions, including people with allergies or celiac. This is even better because the meals not provided by the conference will probably be at the resort or a close Disney related place. This is another weight off my shoulders.

Does it mean I can let my guard down? Not really. But it means a bit less worry when I ask for gluten-free. I did do a bit of research on gluten-free and celiac safe foods at Disney. It was nice to have even more reassurance that I will be able to eat something other than salad and gluten-free granola bars. Nearly every place at Disney parks, Disney resorts, and Disney Springs has gluten-free options, and even some completely gluten-free places. The best part? Dole Whip is gluten-free.

These are simple things that make me happy. Sometimes, you just have to look at the good side of things, and appreciate the little things to get through the day. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to another summer of friends, and understanding.