Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wego Health Activists

Something's afoot in the online community. Too often I think we don't get enough recognition for the things that we do, both online and off. Wego Health is hosting the Wego Health Activists Awards 2011.

YOU can help out by nominating people in your community who are making a difference as a health activist. This is not just relegated to people that have or care for people who have diabetes. It covers all health conditions.

The categories listed are:

Rookie of the Year

Best in Show

Paperboy Award

Health Activist Hero

Advocating for Another (best parent or caregiver)

TMI Award

Hilarious Health Activist

Offline Crusader

Best Affirmation Post

Best Kept Secret

Want to nominate? Come on, you know you do! Click below!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Came Early

Back around Labor Day my transmitter for my MM cgms cracked after almost 4 years of use. I knew I would have to get a new one, but to satisfy my burning curiosity, I trialed the Dexcom first. Then I called MiniMed only to have them tell me that my insurance company wasn't going to pay for a new one. They didn't "cover it." Um. Okay. They did in the beginning. And had been paying for my sensors ever since.

They also cover the sensors for a co-worker's husband. Why now?

The lady I dealt with at MiniMed was amazing (and probably got sick of my incessant calling). She said they wanted a pre-approval first. That can take up to 30 days. I had borrowed a transmitter from a friend who had an extra (not sure how that happened) and was using my own sensor, but I was running out and my insurance wasn't paying for the transmitter/system OR the sensors.

I got blessed by T1 friends locally and by a friend in the D-OC who sent me some sensors in hopes it would get me through until insurance came through with a decision.

Friday I got a letter from my insurance saying they had deemed it "medically necessary" but that it still might not be paid. But from everything in the letter, it looked like I met the requirements. I called MiniMed and on Monday they told me they'd talked to my insurance company and that my insurance had no record of approval. The last thing the insurance had in their computer was dated November 22.
The letter from my insurance company was dated November 23rd. Sounds typical, right???

Anyway, MiniMed let me fax the letter, they looked it over and I literally had my new cgms system AND sensors the next day!!!

It was like Christmas came early for me!