Info on "Your Voice" Project

Have you ever thought about blogging, but you just don't feel like you have enough to say? Are you a D-OC lurker who reads, but doesn't want to blog all the time? Does your significant other blog about their own, or a child's diabetes, and you want to give your view? Is your sibling a person with diabetes? Do you have a grandchild, a student, a co-worker, or a best friend living with diabetes?

Basically, this is your chance to have your voice heard. If diabetes affects you or anyone around you and you are NOT a blogger, you are welcome to tell your story here. All you have to do is write something up and email it to me. :) Please include your name (at least first, but you can list your full name if you'd like), connection to diabetes, and any fun info about yourself that you'd like to include.
Also, if you'd like to link your facebook, twitter, or include your email in the post, just let me know.

Please be aware that I will be editing these and I have the right NOT to post something if I deem it inappropriate (i.e. Snake-oil salesmen need not submit their "story"). Also, if you are a minor, please have your parents submit the piece to me so that I know that you have permission.

The original blog post gives a little more detail into my mindset when I started this project. I hope you decide to let "Your Voice" be heard. Because everyone has a story to tell. :)

Submissions can be sent to Please put "Your Voice" in the subject.

Also, the lovely Meredith from With a Side of Insulin was kind enough to help me out by creating a badge. If you want to grab one to help promote "Your Voice" have at it. :)