Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Trips & Great Friends

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making yet another trip to the city that never sleeps. Those of you that know me at all know of my obsession with Broadway, theatre and the city that hosts such great dramatic arts (and as Allison like to remind me, they host so, so much more than just theatre).

But the other thing that New York City offers me is a sort of central meeting spot for many of my D-OC friends. That makes my trips extra special. This trip I knew would be hard for people to meet with me since my only free time was Monday morning. But, I took a chance and issued an invite to everyone I could remember that might possibly be able to get into the city.

In keeping with tradition, Allison and I saw a show on Saturday night, after she took me to dinner at quite possibly the only place in NYC that plays country music! :P Allison, my roommate Amanda, and I saw La Cage Aux Folles. Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge were the leads in the show and it was quite hilarious. Douglas Hodge certainly deserved the Tony award he received for the role. His ability to project his expressions all the way to the back of the theatre.... wow. Kelsey Grammer was hilarious as well. I plan on posting my review on my other blog in a day or two.
Monday morning I decided to have my little D get-together at Dylan's Candy Bar. :) How ironic, right? But there's nothing like ice cream and cupcakes for brunch. I don't care how much you want to pretend you don't like the idea. Allison, Karen, and Caroline (also known as carobanano) came to hang out with me. I'd met Allison and Karen before, but only knew Caroline from Twitter. I LOVED getting to meet her. She is super sweet (no pun intended... or maybe there is!).

As we were leaving Dylan's Candy Bar, my lovely roommate took some fantastic pictures of us looking like an awesome girl band! :)

I just realized how short I am.... :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diabetes Sisters Conference

Just a few days ago I got a friend request on facebook from a lady I had the pleasure of meeting an Insulin Addicts Anonymous meeting (yes, this is the name of Nashville's Adult T1 support group!). I don't get to make it to very many IAA meetings because Nashville is quite a drive for me, but when I get to go, I love spending time with other T1s. Jackie and I only met once at the last meeting I was at (back in the summer). At the time I don't believe she had a facebook page. When she friended me the other day she asked if I had heard about the Diabetes Sisters Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. I hadn't heard about it, but I asked her for a link to the information anyway.

Turns out it is going to be the weekend of April 29-May 1, which is not a good weekend for me. But after exploring the information, I thought I might forward the information onto you all in case you were interested. It sounds kind of like grown-up diabetes camp for girls! :) Yay!

The agenda can be found HERE and seems to have some very interesting break-out sessions. There is one about pregnancy, and several about exercising (including maintaining blood sugar levels during) that sounded interesting to me.

Riva Greenberg is also going to be a keynote speaker on Saturday.

I hope that some of you can go and let me know how it is. If you go, let me know what you think!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey everyone. I'll be in the NYC area this coming weekend thru Martin Luther King Day. I have already contacted some people to let them know. If you live in the NYC area and would like to get together around 11 a.m. on Monday the 17th, you can leave me a message here, e-mail me, send me a tweet, or send me a message on facebook and I'll send you the info I have.

I look forward to seeing some of you!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

You'd Think I'd Have Learned

What I felt like the other night.

I know we all do it. I know it happens to the best of us. But you can't tell me that you don't think "I can't believe I did that" when for getting something as basic as testing and bolusing before a meal.

At this point in my life I am VERY close to celebrating (?) my twenty-fifth year of living with diabetes. I live only a little over 4 years of my life without diabetes. I've been testing and bolusing (or giving injections) before meals for nearly all of my life.

Yet when I sat down to dinner the other night I just picked up my fork and started eating. The really bad part about the whole deal was that I had my sensor turned off (it had thrown a CAL ERROR) and I didn't even notice the signs of high blood sugar until nearly three hours later.

When it hit me what I had done (or not done as the case may be), I just wanted to scream. You'd think I'd have learned by now that I have to give myself insulin when I eat.

Monday, January 3, 2011

When New Year's Resolutions Go Bad:

Between lack of space, and not wanting a 2 year old messing with a Christmas tree... my roommate and I made the best use of what we had.
Enter: The Fat Girl Christmas Tree
You know your workout equiptment isn't getting used when you can wrap it in Christmas lights and hang stockings on it. :)

*Note the "big boy potty" potty in the background. We're working on that too.

Let's hope we have better luck with this year's New Year's Resolutions.