Sunday, April 29, 2007

Car Accidents....and Blood Sugar Spikes!

Okay, I just got my car paid off about 7 months ago. It was the best feeling to take that last payment (3 months early!) into the bank and get my title. My car is MINE!!!! I was very much a happy camper. It isn't much, and it isn't the best car in the world, but I own it. And it gets me where I need to go.

About a week ago I had new tires put on and the wheels aligned. I also had the oil changed & all the filters. I was feeling pretty good about the whole situation in general. I have been talking about getting a new car, but I intended on driving this one for about another year to save up some money for a down payment. That was the plan anyway......

Until 9:10 on Saturday morning. I was driving to town to get a biscuit at McDonald's (yes, I know it is fattening & bad for me, but I don't do it every morning!). I was coming up to a red light & had slowed down considerably when this truck turns at the light to come up the road I am on (he was going to be going opposite the direction I was going.) when he lost control & came right in my line of traffic. He hit a parked car on the right side of the road & I hit him. Bamm!

Let me tell you, it was not a great start to my day!

The poor kid was only 16 years old & had his driver's license for 1 week. I felt really bad for him. Neither of us were hurt, but his truck was pretty torn up, the parked car....well, let's just say the left side was demolished. And my car....well, I'll just put a picture up.

So, there you see. It is now the One-Eyed-Wonder! I can't get my passenger door open! I have no headlight or blinkers (on either side, seems I blew a fuse...)

Thank God no one was hurt! And both the kid who's fault the wreck was, and myself had insurance, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal to get fixed, but for now, it is just a pain in the neck. And an eye-sore.

And how does all of this relate to diabetes....I checked my blood sugar about 30 minutes before I left my house. I was 131. This is pretty typical for me in the mornings since I dropped my midnight to 7 am basal rate (previously I was waking up about 3 out of 5 mornings with low readings). About 15 minutes after the wreck occurred, I checked my blood sugar again. It was 262. Lovely what stress can to to those wonderful readings! It just makes you so glad to be alive.... you can all see my rolled eyes, right?

Anyway, just another thing to add to my craziness and my diabetic annoyances.

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