Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Weird BG Reading & A New Toy!

I have really been trying to check my blood sugar more often than I used to. I want the records & I want to be more knowledgeable with what I need to do for my overall health. Some days I find it easier than other days. Some days I end up with 10 or more readings. Other days I end up with around 5 or 6. It depends on how busy I get at work, or with whatever I am doing that day. I was trying to get some sort of tracking system. I tried SugarStats. I even liked it. It just wasn't as comprehensive as I was looking for. I still use it when I am at work & wanting to log some records. So I started looking at the software for my insulin pump. MiniMed has the CareLink program. You can buy the software or you can have an online profile for free. The only problem was I needed the connector cable to hook my meter & pump to the computer.
I put it off and put it off. I didn't want to spend the $29.99 for the cable. I admit it: I'm cheap. But this past weekend, I ordered it anyway. I just wanted it. I splurged.
It came in the mail today & I am THRILLED with it! It has to be the coolest diabetes toy I've ever had (except my pump). I unfortunately can't figure out how to get these onto my blog page, but trust me, it's cool.
But now for the weird blood glucose reading. I came in from work yesterday. I was on my phone with a friend & got out my meter to test since I hadn't tested after lunch like I normally do. I put in the strip and did the test. The reading was 26. Yup, 26. I thought to myself, "I don't feel bad." I didn't have any symptoms of a low. I usually start feeling it around the 50s or the 40s. In fact, the lowest reading I have ever had on this meter was 38. I was nearly incoherent when I got that reading. I started to get up and get some juice out of the fridge, but changed my mind and tested again. 85. And then I tested again, just to be sure. 83. That's what I went with. But that 26.... that was just weird. Anyone else have a psycho reading like this?

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