Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Scary Low

I don't have scary lows very often. Most of the time I catch them (either by CGMS or by my very frequent testing) and treat them and that's that. I have, for the most part, lost a lot of my ability to detect my lows. Some of that is starting to come back with the use of the CGMS, but it's still not perfect.
And, CGMS isn't perfect. Sometimes the sensor is "off" or my blood sugar just drops way to quick for the sensor to keep up. This happened to me yesterday at work.
I have noticed that I get hungry between 10:30 and 11:00 almost every day at work. By lunch time I'm usually starving.
I have a co-worker who is getting married in a few months and I was looking at a cook book with her and we were discussing food for the reception. I was so hungry that I put the book up. And then I checked my pump. It said 94, but showed a continual downward slope for about the previous hour, so I went to check my blood sugar. Other than being hungry (which wasn't too unusual) I had no symptoms. When I checked, my blood sugar was 52.
I am sure this was completely mental, but I started feeling symptoms almost immediately. And they hit hard and fast.
I went into "panic eating" mode. I consumed a juice box, a banana, a handful of candy, and some blackberry cobbler. And I still was feeling extremely sick/shaky, etc. I was sweaty and shaky and felt like I wanted to cry. I almost scared myself into asking a co-worker to come sit with me.
Of course, hours later, I still feel like crap, but my blood sugar is through the roof.
The last time I had a low that scared me that badly was around New Year's. I figured that averages out to about 2 per year, so I can't really complain. But I hate that feeling of complete and total loss of control and that feeling of fear.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I hate those feelings too. It's like you know you're over reacting, but the feelings are so strong that it doesn't matter right then.

Donna said...

I hate those episodes, too. It's such an odd feeling that just won't go away fast enough.

Glad you made it through it all, but sorry your blood sugars went through the roof.