Monday, September 15, 2008

A Busy Week

I've been absent from the online community for almost 2 weeks now. Life has certainly come at me fast and furious.

I had a wedding cake to make last weekend, which took a massive amount of time and ended up taking my whole weekend up. On that Saturday morning, my step-dad lost his father.

I ended up taking a day off work to be with my family and attend the funeral on Tuesday.

Then, while I was in the funeral Tuesday, I received a text message from a dear friend of mine, letting me know she had lost her grandfather. I had spent a lot of time with her family, so I knew her grandfather and thought very highly of him. He was an honest, hard working, Christian man who always put others before himself.

I ended up taking a day and a half off work to go be with her and her family during the visitation and funeral. It was out of town, so I had to travel and spend the night.

Then, Friday was the birthday of a friend of mine's son. He's the light of my life and makes me smile every time I see him. I also made his birthday cake for his party on Saturday. He wanted a Mater cake (from the Disney movie, Cars).

So, as you can see, I am completely surrounded by LIFE. Marriages, deaths, birthdays. I am hoping that life slows a little for me in this next week.
On the diabetes note, today was a completely CRAZY day. I had a 41 after lunch. I ate some candy corn because I was out of juice and I was at work (okay, it was a lot of candy corn). Well, a few hours later my blood sugar was 368!!! I am still trying to get it back down in range. I skipped dinner and am feeling pretty lousy.

Note to self: take more juice boxes and glucose tabs to work.


k2 said...

Cara -
You are a wonderful friend to everyone - regardless of their "cake" requirements.

You get your Candy Corn sugar down soon, do not stress!

Glad your back in dBlogville - way to quiet when your gone!

PS - Your cakes are amazing looking & I have no doubt that they taste as good as they look!

Scott K. Johnson said...

A busy week surrounded by many mixed (and very emotional) things.

Here's to a more calm and predictable week!