Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on Tennessee Flooding

I just got off the phone with the Middle Tennessee chapter of JDRF. They wished for me to express their gratitude at the inquiries about those needing diabetes supplies. They also said that they have had NO calls or questions about people needing supplies at this time. (AMAZING! And wonderful!) But they did take my e-mail address and phone number, so I will be passing along any info I get, if something does come up.

The lady I spoke with said that the most devastating damage is downtown and along the Cumberland River in Nashville. These are the touristy areas. The areas that generate a VAST majority of revenue for the city. It sounds like the effects will be more economical and long term.

However, there are many, many people who have flooding in their basements, homes, etc. And these are the ones that we are currently worried about. They are currently in shelters across the state and some are not sure when they will be able to get home, as roads and bridges are washed out and homes unlivable at this time, due to water damage.

For now, this is the info I have for you, if you want to help out:

- My previous post has all the Red Cross info. It came directly from Middle Tennessee's Red Cross page. They need all the donations they can get, I'm sure.

-Check out Nashvillest.com at THIS page for more places to offer help. Supplies, donations, etc. They have a very comprehensive list.

Also, please read THIS blog post by a hockey blogger. "Hockey?" you may say. Yes, hockey. This post is not about hockey. It's about the spirit of Nashville and Tennessee in general. And the disappointment I know many Tennesseans, including myself, feel about the lack of national media coverage of this epic disaster. It's touching. And it will remind you not to forget about the damage and those who are and will suffer because of this disaster. Tennessee is made of of mostly strong, independent, loving people who will do anything they can to help those around them. I just hope that others remember that and lend a helping hand to us.

Thanks for reading guys. It means a lot to know you read, even when it's not diabetes related.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for keeping us all in the know about what is going on down there from your perspective.