Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Help Out One of My Most Awesome Readers

A few years ago I was seeing a play at a theatre near my home. It was full of kids, their annual "young person's" production. While I was watching (and enjoying) the show, I spotted something sticking out from under the shirt of one of the kids. I looked a little closer and spotted an INSULIN PUMP! 

After the show, I sought out the girl, and thus started a friendship with her and her family. I adore them, and Lindsey is a fantastic person to chat about diabetes with. 

A few weeks ago she contacted me to see if I could help her out on a school project. While I'm unable to help her out (you'll see why below), I knew I had some readers who may be able to pitch in. 

I've posted her pitch below. If you are interested in helping her out, please email me or shoot me a message on twitter or facebook and I'll get you her phone number.

Perception Deception

My name is Lindsey Lively, and I am a sophomore in high school, as well as a type-1 diabetic. For my honors biology I project, I am testing the affects of hypoglycemia on type-1 diabetics’ perception of sweetness. For my experiment, type-1 diabetic participants will sample different juices, varying in sugar content, and will rate the sweetness of the juice on a scale of one to ten. They will perform this task when their glucose levels are normal, and then again when their levels are low. A family member must administer the samples, so the participant will not know what type of juice he or she receives.  The same subjects will repeat the test several times.

If you are interested in participating in this experiment, or would like more information regarding this study, please contact me.

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jcsamom said...

My teen son and husband are both t1. We should be able to help.