Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I want this bag. I am a bag and purse junkie. I love purses and suitcases and bags of all kinds. I have too many in my closet at this time. I have about a million under my bed. I have learned to nest my bags so that they take up less space in my already small apartment.
Ironically enough, I have been carrying the same purse since Christmas of 2005. I bought it on sale with Christmas money from my dad. I love it. But, it doesn't have room for all of my pump supplies.
Here's where the problem comes in. Previous to pumping, as long as a purse was big enough for my glucometer, it was big enough for me. Post pump, I have to carry two bags, or a larger bag. This is go I have at least two extra infusion sets, reservoirs, extra test strips, glucose tabs, the quick-serter, alcohol swabs, band-aids, and the million other things that I might need if I have a pump malfunction.
That's the part I hate. I have been cruising around on the Internet looking at diabetic websites and that's where I came across this purse. The aDorn bag. There is also a messenger type bag. I don't know that it will be exactly what I am looking for. Or that it will be worth the money that it costs. But I am thinking about asking for it for my birthday that is later this month. I want to see if it would be able to really meet all of my diabetic needs.....
If I get it, I will keep you all updated. If not, I may go into a design frenzy until I make a bag that really does work for me. We'll have to wait and see.

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