Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pumps, Interviews, and Being Discreet

So I had a job interview today for a new job. I took the morning off from my current job to do this interview. The job is located about two hours from where I currently live. I have friends in this town, so I left work early yesterday and went to stay with them last night. This was so I didn't have to get up at 5 am this morning to make it down there in time for the interview.

I usually carry my pump in my pocket. I don't use the clips unless I don't have a pocket for the pump to go in. Then I use one of my clips.

Unfortunately I didn't think my packing through very well. I took one of my only outfits that doesn't have pockets. And didn't even think to grab my pump clip out of my bathroom when I left.

I didn't realize this wonderful thing until late last night when I was getting ready to lay all my stuff out to get ready this morning. "What am I going to do??" That was all I could think. Where do you put your pump when you don't have pockets???

I thought about Kerri over at Six Until Me. She puts her pump in her sock. Great idea! Except I wasn't wearing socks. I was wearing dress shoes and slacks... So I put my head to work and basically, the only alternative I could come up with was wearing my pump in my bra.

I don't really like to do this for a couple of reasons.

One: It restricts my access to my pump. I can't get to it without looking like I'm trying to flash the world.

Two: It's not the most comfortable place to have something stored. But whatever.

Anyway, that's where the pump ended up spending the first half of my day.

I don't like to advertise that I am a diabetic when at an interview. I don't want to give them any reason to think that they shouldn't hire me. And unfortunately, we know this still happens. So, when it come right down to it, I guess it was a good thing I forgot my clip. It would have been hanging on the side of my slacks for the world to see had I brought my pump clip with me.

What are your thoughts on telling prospective employers about your diabetes? I choose to wait until hired to disclose this information. So far in my life, I haven't had any issues with this.


VTHokie99 said...

I've always waited until I've been hired & someone asks about my pump. I just don't want to take any chances that diabetes would affect their decision.

I do always keep my pump on a clip though (unless I break the clip, which happens more than it should). It feels bulky & awkward in my pocket, if it even fits in there!

Good luck with your job search!

Wingman said...

I've been wearing my pump on the outside of my pants via a clip but that's just because I hate things in my pockets - I wouldn't advertise being a diabetic until after I was hired however.