Friday, September 21, 2007

Follow-up for CGMS

I went to the doctor's office yesterday to talk with my doctor about the results from my trial with the CGMS. It was very good, I think. We talked about the fact that it wasn't always correct with my meter results. But he was still very happy with my "graph" for the 3 days. He said that it looked like I had very few spikes in my blood sugars. The only things he seemed concerned about were my low blood sugars. Which is really what I have been worried about myself.
We decided to change a few of my basal rates and change my insulin to carb ratios for lunch time. These were things that I had contemplated doing myself, but wanted to wait to get the opinion of someone else.
I don't have any issues with making changes on my own, if I think they are needed. I just knew that a doctor's appointment was coming up, so I held off until I could talk to him about it. And turns out, he said to do exactly what I was going to do. It was nice affirmation that what I am doing is the right thing.
We talked a little bit more about my getting the CGMS for myself. He said he was going to send the letter to the insurance company to see what they would say. I really hope that they approve it. In my doctors words, it would be a tool to help me with my already good control. It would simply help me shave some more digits off my A1c. Which is exactly my idea. I want a LOWER A1c.
Sure, I know 6.7 is good. It's below the recommended 7.0. But it still isn't 6.0. Which is what I would love. Which would mean that my body is basically living like a non-diabetic most of the time. This means less damage. Less complications. And less wear and tear. And with 22 years of this diabetes thing already wearing and tearing on my body, the lower I can get my A1c, the happier I will be.
Wish me luck as I navigate the jungle known as the American health insurance system.


The Vacuum Sensei said...

Wow, I'm actually afraid of getting diabedes. I've cut out soda and most refined sugar from my diet out of fear. Ughhh. I feel for ya.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything, Cara. I am sure that the insurance will come through for you....eventually. I just hope you get it sooner rather than later. I'm rootin' for ya!

Awesome job thus far...

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara. It would be so great to get down to that elusive 6%. I'm right there with you.

Donna said...

It sounds like you're doing great! Good luck with the insurance company!

AmyT said...

Hi Cara,

Hey, 6.7 looks pretty great to me!

btw, have you found me yet at I'd love if you'd visit, and maybe add me to your blogroll.