Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Date

Since I joined the D-OC, I've noticed that most of you know your exact diagnosis date. Right down to the day. A lot of you even "celebrate" it. I think that is so cool. For years, I've always claimed June of 1985 as my diagnosis month. But to be honest, I'm not sure. I was only 4 years old. And part of me thinks my mom blocked out the horrible experience the best she could. As for an exact day, I have no clue.

I've wondered. I contemplated searching for medical records. But I put it off. Time and time again. I've changed primary care physicians several times over my life. And I had to think that the doctor who cared for me when I was diagnosed had probably gotten rid of my records. It was, after all, nearly 25 years ago.

About a week ago I had an idea. I was taken immediately from my doctor's office to a hospital in a neighboring town to be admitted when I was diagnosed. Hospitals are much better about keeping medical records on file. So, I picked up my phone and called the hospital. I was transferred to the records department and no one answered. I was able to leave a message and I just figured that they'd get to me when they could. In all honesty, I didn't think I'd even get a call back.

Within two days, I had a return call from a very nice lady. I told her the approximate time frame for my records (May thru September of 1985). She pulled me up on the computer and there was nothing in the computer from those dates. But, she said they often kept medical records on file and had most of the 80's still at the hospital. She took my information and said she'd call me back.

Again, I had my doubts. Twenty-five years is a long time to keep medical records. But, yesterday I got a phone call stating they had found my records and I could come pick them up anytime!

So, as of tomorrow (ironically, on my way to my endo appointment in Nashville), I will be stopping to pick up my records. And I'll know my official diagnosis date. And, I plan on applying for my 25 year Joslin Medal.

This gives me a sense of satisfaction, that I'll know when I was diagnosed exactly. And that I'll have a date to "celebrate".


Vivian said...

Cara, that is so cool. I can't wait to hear about your journey through the pages. Be careful on your trip to Nashville, wave to me as you pass my exit would ya? lol

Lee Ann Thill said...

I'm sooo excited for you!!! I can't wait to hear what you learn from the records! It's so gratifying to get some of those questions answered, I think especially for those of us who were so young when we were diagnosed. Looking forward to your follow-up post on this :)

Cara said...

Vivian, you know I'll wave at ya! :) I wish you could go with me! I think we'd have a blast. LOL

Lee Ann, I know you have trouble tracking down the info you needed. You are actually what inspired me to try to look for myself. Thank you!

tmana said...

You and Lee Ann are so fortunate to have been able to locate hospital records. Some years ago I tried to get some more information on corrective surgery I had as a child, called the hospital in question, and was told they did not keep records older than 7 years. And unlike diabetes, this was an odd enough procedure that I can't find anything about it on the 'Net.

Karen said...

I am so THRILLED you were able to track down your medical records!!!! :) I love stories that have happy endings.