Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Date In History

February 5, 1986. I'm sure there were lots of things going on in the world. I don't know what they were. I'm sure there were treaties being signed, or rock stars dying, or someone famous that was arrested. Maybe not. Who knows.

But February 5, 1986 was a day that my world, and the world of those around me, changed forever. After being very sick for a while, having nightmares, drinking water til it poured out the corner of my mouth, and wetting the bed several times a night, my mother took me to my family doctor. I'm sure there were other symptoms. I don't know what they were.
That morning, in the doctor's office, Dr. Joshi didn't even take my blood sugar before looking at my mother and telling her I had diabetes. A blood test verified it. As for the exact number, I don't know what it was. But my mother has always said that Dr. Joshi looked at her and said "How fast can you get her to Cookeville?" I'm sure they could have put me in an ambulance. But mom took me herself. The doctor told her not to even stop at home for clothes. Just to get me there.

I was in the hospital for several days, but you've all read this story before.

Instead, I want to talk about how much diabetes has given me. It's given me strength. It's given me friends. It's given me something that I think kept me out of trouble as a teen (nothing like the fear of getting sick to make you not was to party as a high schooler). Diabetes has given me sympathy for others and understanding that I don't think I would have otherwise.

It's been with me through thick and thin. Keeping me company, in a weird way. Present at every holiday and birthday. On every vacation. At every class I've taken. It was with me when I graduated college and when I paid off my first car. It was with me when I had my first date and my first kiss. And until a cure happens, it will be with me at every other major event (and minor event) in my life.

Boston Cream Pie Cake

So today, 24 years to the day after my world changed forever, I am going to have cake. And eat it too. I'm going to test and bolus and correct as needed. And have a wonderful time doing it.

This is the cake I really wanted....but, alas, it was made by Charm City Cakes and A) I can't afford it and B) it's too far away. Sigh. Someday.


Allison Blass said...

You are so totally coming to my apartment in May and making that cake. No arguing. ;o)

Cara said...

Allison - okay. :) I will. It's yummy! Waaayyyy too rich though. I needed to drink a glass of milk with it. :)

Nan said...

yummo!! enjoy! and happy's great to celebrate life!!

Katie from SF, CA said...


Just found your blog through Act1. Love it! My diagnosis was Feb 7, 1986! We're almost D-twins! Happy D-versary, enjoy your cake! =)

Cara said...

Thanks Nan. I agree. Celebration of life is wonderful.
Katie, glad you found me. :) I love meeting people that have diagnosis dates close to my own. :)

Cherise Nicole said...

Happy D-anniversary!!! The cake you made looks good!