Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wasting Money

Sometimes we waste money. No surprise there. We buy clothes we never wear, or make-up we never use. Or a CD or DVD we only watch once. I try not to do that very often. But sometimes it just happens. Even more, sometimes we buy things *gasp* we DON'T REALLY NEED! Ekkk!

I did just that last week. And my frivolous prize came in the mail today. Gratefully on a day when I really needed some retail therapy. I'm feeling much better now, thanks. :)

I have written before about my obsession with theatre and all things musical. Since today is officially my Theatre Thursday, I am combining diabetes with theatre...again. Most of you (yeah, I'm talking to you Kelly!) know about my love of Wicked the musical, although any type of musical theatre will feed my addiction.

I just was Wicked (for the first time) when it came on tour to Nashville. I bought my tickets more than 3 months in advance. That's how excited I was to see it.

Well, Minimed (diabetes enters, stage right) offers skins for their insulin pumps. My pump is clear. I did that so it would match anything I wore. I bought a skin a couple of years ago from them and kept it on my pump for quite some time. I loved it, but got tired of it and took it off after a while. Since that time, Minimed has extended and offers a place where you can completely personalize your skin. Using a picture, or clip art, or whatever you want, you can make your skin look like whatever you want.

Although it's completely dorky of me, I went Broadway. Better yet, I went Wicked. Below are pictures of my new "wicked" pump.
The picture I started out with.

The top of my pump.

The bottom of my pump.

My pump. Yes, I know it looks upside down...

but I did it that way on purpose so I could see the full title on the bottom. :)


k2 said...

Wickedly awesome!!!
Kelly K

Allison Blass said...

That is beyond awesome. I want one so bad now. :)

Queenie said...

I did not know that Minimed did that. I got a clear pump as well so it would match anything, but now might be purchasing a skin cover it like you since it can be customized.

Katie from SF said...

That is a FANTASTIC waste of $$$!!! Now I want one... :)