Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amazing Customer Service

About a month or so ago, I ordered a new box of CGMS sensors. I still had quite a few left, so I didn't really think about it again for a while. Then, last week I was pulling a new sensor out of my box and realized I had the sensor I was holding and one more. That's it. Well, full on panic mode sets in. I called MiniMed right then. I was on hold for a while (they apparently have a new computer system...) but when I got ahold of a person, he was very nice. I could tell something was up. He put me on hold again and I waited. Fairly quickly he was back on the line and asked if he could call me back, or if I wanted to stay on hold. Typically, I stay on hold, but I decided to let him call back. And he did. Within 15 minutes he was calling me back.

Apparently my last batch of sensors was up for the yearly authorization from my insurance company (which I knew). We went through the whole deal with them then and I assumed it was taken care of for another year. Evidently, it wasn't. That authorization was only for the single order. So, basically, I need another year long authorization from my insurance company.

We all know how long that can take. *cringe*shutter*cringe* So I was a little worried. He said they were going to contact my insurance company on Friday and try to get a verbal authorization so they could send out a new box on Friday.

I asked about calling to check and he said that if there was a problem, MiniMed would call me on Friday. I expected to call them by Monday if I hadn't heard from them, just to check. But Friday, I got a phone call (trouble?) and it turns out they couldn't get ahold of my insurance company yet. But the lady that had called me on Friday said they were shipping me a box of 4 sensors to hold me over (complimentary).

It's now Tuesday morning. I've not heard anything yet, but I plan on calling to check with someone either today or tomorrow, just to be sure everything is on track. But yesterday, I got my box of 4 sensors. Which will hold me over for a while anyway.

MiniMed has been pretty awesome in my time with them. They are (almost) always on top of things. And they are always very polite and quick to get things done. I've had awesome MiniMed reps and pretty much always had good experience with them. They seem to go out of their way to make customer service a top priority.

So, even though there are things I like about other pumps and CGMS systems (hello Dexcom and Animas Ping), I don't see myself leaving MiniMed anytime soon. They are too helpful. And I'm just hoping they catch up (FDA approved 7 day sensor, please. And the ability to operate my pump from my meter, thanks.) on the other stuff soon.
*disclaimer: MiniMed did send me some complimentary sensors to hold me over until they can get my insurance company to cooperate, but to my knowledge, they don't even know I blog and surely didn't ask me to blog about them. I did that one all on my own.*


Jacquie said...

This is good to hear! I like Minimed, but I've never been with anyone else, so I don't really have anything to compare their service to.

I've *almost* run out of sensors before. I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that it's not nearly as bad as almost running out of infusion sets.

Cara said...

Jacquie - there was life before sensors...and insulin pumps....and even cell phones. But heaven help me, I don't want to go back there if I can help it! :)

Karen said...

Wow, that is really great. I kind of have a love / hate relationship with Minimed. I do all my ordering over the computer, and it bugs me that they don't email (or call) when there is a problem with the order . . . such as your insurance hold up. I also hate the I can't pay my bill on-line and that when I call I'm usually on hold for 45 minutes before I can speak to someone.

BUT, when I do get someone, they are always polite and my problem is solved right away. When my pump died at midnight on a Friday, I had a replacement in about 9 hours. (I still don't know how they managed that one.) And in general, they do a very good job.

Today's Triumph said...

Hi there! I am new to blogging and to diabetes, but came across your blog. I have to discover the benefits of a pump, but from what I hear its the way to go!