Monday, November 8, 2010

I Forgot

Yesterday I forgot it was Lancet Changing Day (a.k.a. Time Change!). Gasp! So, I did it this morning instead.

I hope everyone had a Happy Lancet Changing Day... and if you forgot, like I did, GO DO IT NOW! :P


Allison Blass said...

I forgot too! Darnit! Haha. Well, I'll just have to do it today.

Anonymous said...

Yep... I totally forgot! Actually, I did remember briefly earlier today but then got distracted and it slipped my mind again. So, it's NOW time to change! Thanks for the reminder,

Andrea Wrape said...

You can change those things??? smile, giggle :P I have started changing them every wednesday night. I have officially done this 1 time. It coincides with #DSMA on twitter every wednesday evening at 9p Eastern. Things get funny and we sometimes get off track (aka: glitter farting unicorns) No I am not making that up!! If you have participated then you understand. Honest!! Had to comment since I didn't know some use time change as a reminder.