Monday, November 1, 2010

SAE it Loud!

Today is November 1st and the first day of Diabetes Awareness Month. This month is all about making people aware of this disease that so many of us deal with every day.

Last week the lovely Sarah (a fellow Southern gal!) from over at Sugabetic came up with a wonderful idea. It is a fantastic way to get this entire month off with a bang.

SAE it Loud! is Sarah's brain child. SAE (pronounced "say") stands for Support, Advocate, Educate. And these are three things we really need to be doing. Year around, but especially in his month.

For each of these I have something planned that I've either done today, or have done in the week leading up to today.

First up: S = Support. I plan on reading AND commenting on at least 10 blogs today. Finding time... that'll be rough. But I'll do it.

Second: A = Advocate. This I did over the weekend. The Presidential Proclamation on National Diabetes Month had incorrect information about Type 1 diabetes. I used this link to contact them and let them know that they needed to update this information as to not misinform the American people.

Third: E = Educate. I think that this may take a little longer, but I am going to see about writing an article for my local newspaper this month in regards to diabetes and Diabetes Awareness Month. We're supposed to be educating people about diabetes. The different types, treatments, preventative measures for T2's, etc. And I am going to see if I can't get something into the local paper as part of my Educate.


SarahK said...

Wow! Thanks for posting that link to contact the Presidential Proclaimation, Cara! I'll definately go there and do that today!
What a great way to SAE It Loud!!!

Karen said...

Go Cara Go!!!! Those are wonderful ideas for SAEing it and you should be very proud of yourself!! {{hugs}}

George said...

Awesome! I love SAE Day!!

meanderings said...

I'm looking forward to your 30 days of posts!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a T1. I hurt each day for her as she struggles for acceptence by her peers and her self. There are many days as a teenager that she feels how unfair life has been to her. This is mainl because of the stupidity of people.
As I read the presidential proclaimation it hurt me that the main article was about T2 and to get Americans moving. Not lets get Americans moving to find a cure for Type 1, but to stop the obesity and T2.
I would love to see your article for the newspaper. I to am going to work on a letter myelf. However, it maybe of a sensitive natur for my daughter in the local paper.
Thanks again, Brad