Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Have a Winner!

So, I did the whole "pull a winner out of the hat" thing for my give away. First, I went through and took out all the double entries and all the people who said they didn't want to be entered. Then I wrote down all the other names on slips of paper and folded them up. Then I mixed them all up in a plastic bowl.

Then I pulled out one.

And this is who we got:

Dr. P is a newly diagnosed person with diabetes who blogs at Being Black and Diagnosed with Diabetes.  She has only been a part of the "d club" since February of this year, so I think this is a nice little welcome gift. Go over and visit her blog and leave a comment. :)

Also, since there was no way to contact you on your blog, Dr. P, you will have to email me your contact info so I can get your Stick Me Designs bag in the mail to you. I hope you enjoy it!


Dr. P said...


It matches Audrey 2 (the name of my glucometer) perfectly!!!

I was in the middle of having a moment. One of those, I just need to lay down and wake up the next day because this diabetes thing is too much to deal with right now. But before going to bed, I checked my email and look what I found...A TOTAL PICK ME UP!!!

Thanks so much. The Heavens knew I needed this.

I'm also on twitter @PennStateDoc

Karen said...

I love that Dr. P won the bag just when she needed a d-pick-me-up. Hang in there - you can do this!! And I hope your pretty new bag will remind you that every time you look at it. :) Congrats to you!

FatCatAnna said...

Awesome news Dr. P - will go and follow you on Twitter!!!! Life will get easier with diabetes - just take one step at a time - and glad to hear Audrey 2 (what happened to Audrey 1?) - will have someone to hang out with that matches her :)