Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Pancreas!

Well, I've been majorly slacking in the past week or so on blogging. It's sad that it is Diabetes Awareness Month and I'm slacking, but my only excuse is that I've been sick for about a week. I was out of work on World Diabetes Day and had to make a lovely visit to the doctor to get some meds. I even lost my voice that day! Crazy.

I'm only now getting back to myself. As a peace offering to my lovely readers, I offer you this amazingly hilarious video. My best friend shared it with me and I laughed so much! I posted it on my Facebook page last night and I know it's already making the rounds in the D-OC, but for those of you who've missed it so far, I wanted to give you another chance to see it.

Don't laugh to hard. And try not to get the song stuck in your head. :)


kim said...

that is too cute/funny! and yup, it is now stuck in my head!!

Sara said...

Hey Pancreas!

The blue circle at the end was a nice surprise!

Karen said...

My pancreas gets no praises sung, since it's been a lazy slacker for almost 32 years!!! LOL

Scott S said...


Penney said...

Yeah, I've had a cranky pancreas for 25 years now...not necessarily my favorite organ, but a cute song :)